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Be found online, improve your sales,
and gain more customers with Search Engine Marketing!

When you search for something in Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, you've seen an effective form of advertising called Search Engine Marketing, also known as paid search or pay-per-click advertising. It can reach anyone who uses the Internet to search for anything.

  • Advertisements are placed based on keywords and factors such as bidding, quality score, and relevancy of keywords. Each advertisement can have its own set of keywords.
  • Simply tell us about your business, special offers, and promotions and we'll develop a complete campaign to meet your unique business objectives.
  • We learn about your business inside and out in order to provide you with ongoing strategic campaigns. Our campaigns are continuously updated and improved.

Learn how search engine marketing can take your business to the next level, and gain an advantage over your competition with Team SI.

  • Strategic Ads from our In-House SEM Specialists
  • Complete Custom Campaigns for your industry and services, tailored to your business.
  • Daily Management to maximize your campaign
  • Your own Account Representative available to answer questions or make changes to your campaign
  • Weekly or Monthly Reports, emailed or presented to you.
  • Complete Transparency
  • Local, relevant campaigns -- not a cookie-cutter approach
  • Specialists working daily to optimize your advertising
  • Strategic placements to get you the greatest return
  • Constant monitoring to lower your cost-per-click rates
  • Proactive campaign management to find new areas of opportunity
  • Competitive research to see what others are doing in your area

How can search engine marketing with us help you dominate over your competition?

You only pay for results!

You don't pay for people to see your ad. Your ad appears among relevant search results for the keywords in your campaign. If a person sees your ad and is interested, they can click to go to your website to learn more. You're only charged for clicks, not impressions.

Search engine marketing brings you instant visibility!

While search engine optimization is important and can help your site rank well among organic, or unpaid, search results, it is not instant and cannot bring consistent results. Paid ads allow you to appear for the keywords that you want and are live as soon as you turn on your campaign. You also have full control over your marketing message. It's instant and effective!

We bring our search marketing ideas to you.

We don't sit back and let your campaigns grow stale or outdated on autopilot. We learn your business inside and out so that we can bring strategic ideas and improvements to you regarding your campaign. You're never left high and dry.

You'll experience higher sales and lower costs!

Our strategies will stretch your marketing dollars further and increase the number of sales. Because of our attentiveness to your business and campaign, we help you target the most relevant audience that will convert into a sales opportunity. We also work to improve the "quality score" of your ads so that Google places them at lower costs per click.

Our daily improvements will enhance your campaign's effectiveness!

Constant monitoring and adjustments allow us to tweak keyword lists or advertising messages to stay relevant and current so that potential customers are more likely to take action with your ads. This results in a competitive edge and also helps keep your costs down, leading to a much greater return on investment.

Complete transparency allows you to see how your campaign is performing.

Digital ads have so many interactive tracking features that allow us to tell you exactly what is working and what can be improved. We can see what keywords and ads are resulting in the most clicks, as well as optimal times and budgets. We can see when your campaigns are timing out, which allows us to make adjustments such as increasing the budget or narrowing the scope of the campaign to focus only on areas that are converting to the most sales.

Your Account Representative is available to help you with your campaign!

When you work with us, we assign an Account Representative as your main point of contact any time you have questions or want to make changes to your campaigns. As an advocate for your business, your representative always keeps your business objectives in mind and relays that to our specialists who manage the campaigns. You'll never call and reach an automated answering service!

So how can search engine marketing fit into the rest of your marketing mix? We bet you're curious.

The primary purpose of search engine marketing is to funnel visitors to your website, with the goal of increasing sales. With the right team managing your campaigns, this is much more cost-effective than traditional advertising methods.

  • Ideally, your website will be sales-driven with heavy calls-to-action. A great website from us can work seamless with your campaigns to make a perfect pair for driving sales. We can develop a website that stays true to your business, but isn't a static, boring online brochure.
  • When you align your website content with your search engine marketing ads, you get a higher "quality score" from Google, which means your cost-per-click rate is even lower.
  • Taking it a step further, the best approach to marketing is to combine a great mix of social media, online advertising, and search engine marketing to really drive people to your site.
  • Once people find your site, they'll be interested to hear from others about your services and reputation. They'll scour the web for review sites and social media to read reviews and testimonials. If you throw in some reputation management from us, you'll have a tightly-integrated marketing funnel across all media channels. It can't get any easier!
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