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Social media is always evolving. Team SI is always innovating.

Social media is always evolving. If you're still doing social media the same way you did it five years ago, you're probably not seeing the results you want. You need an advertising partner to help you navigate the increasingly complex world of consumer expectations and social media trends. That's where Team SI comes in.

Our tagline is "Innovation Lives Here." It's our responsibility to stay on top of the latest trends and discover new ways to engage the target audiences of our clients.

We handle everything from organic social media management to complex, lead-generating social media ad campaigns. We put your brand in the realm of influencers and creators to help you engage your followers, gain new ones and drive new business through your digital front door.

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Our Organic Social Media Services

An organic social media presence is essential to building brand awareness and creating an engaged audience. We’ve helped numerous clients in a variety of industries build a social media following from the ground up and increase their leads.

Social Media Advertising Services

Paid social media advertising is a powerful tool that, when used correctly, will result in increased leads and conversions.



3 Ways to Work With Us

We’ve built long-term relationships with most of our clients, but many started off with a specific need. There are many different arrangements to help our clients and we’d love to discuss options with you.

If you have a mission, deadline, and budget, a project-based engagement with us might be the perfect solution for getting started. Our clients appreciate the flexibility of a project-based relationship to complete an objective or fill an interim marketing role.
Ongoing Engagement
For clients that are looking to improve their performance over an extended duration of time, we establish longer relationships with ongoing services and monthly billing.
Workshops & Training

When working with our strategists, some audits can reveal opportunities for team training or strategic planning workshops. We love helping businesses scale their talent through education.

We also have speakers available for conferences that cover a wide range of marketing topics.



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