Team SI

Would you like to be a part of a company that is driven by passion and innovation?

Would you like to work for one of Arkansas Business' "Best Places to Work in 2016?"

We are looking for passionate individuals who currently work in marketing and are looking for something more challenging. Team SI is looking for individuals who accept change on a daily basis and know how to turn a "no" into a "what if?" Are you someone who refuses to say, "No, we can't," but says, "Yes, we can"?

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Arkansas Business of the Year Awards: Team SI named 2019 Arkansas Business of the Year
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Team SI named a Best Company in Entrepreneur 360

How We Hire

Here at Team SI, we look for unique individuals who are just as passionate as we are about innovating the future. When we look for new team members, we look from every aspect, from communication skills and analytical skills. Here at Team SI we want our team members always will be willing to learn and be able to react to change in a positive way.

We are always a step ahead. In the always changing world of technology, we have to be two steps ahead because in a blink of an eye you can be three steps back. Without a team, we are nothing. Innovation is our core value here at Team SI, we look for people who love constant change, big challenges, and working in a team atmosphere.

Here are the basics...

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How We Interview

We’re looking for goal driven, team-oriented people who stay ahead of the game. When you interview here at Team SI, you'll likely interview with two different team members and get an awesome tour of our office. Here is what we will be looking for:

We want people that embrace change and that love working in a fast-pace environment. We also want to see how you react to change because we want to set you up for success. We want you to be as passionate as we are about innovating new ideas and making them come alive. We want to know that you are all about learning because in the digital world, we learn something new almost everyday.

Team Player
We want to see if you have a future here at Team SI. Team SI is not just some job… it’s a passion that ends up being a career. We look for candidates who work with others, someone who can get tasks done with team members that strive for a common goal. Without a team, we are nothing.

We want to know how you assess a situation, gather information, identify key issues, and look from different perspectives to get a task done. Being innovative, our goal is to solve problems and we want candidates that can showcase their problem-solving abilities. Analytics is major feature we offer clinics and we want our team members to be able to visualize, articulate, and know how to problem solve to provide sensible answers based on available information.

It's important to know that our new hires are willing and able to communicate important information, ideas and challenges effectively. Whether writing, speaking or using computers, communication skills are essential in our team atmosphere.

Over all we want to know what makes you ... YOU!

How We Decide

Deciding to hire additional team members is a pro-active decision. Once a candidate has gone through the process and has demonstrated the ability to do the job well, then they are offered the job! The whole process can take as little as a couple of weeks or as long as a couple of months. We look for people who live for being on the cutting edge of technology and who are unafraid to try or to fail doing so.

Team SI is named to Inc. 5000 for the third time.