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Ask the Experts: Android Will Eliminate Cross-Device Tracking in 2022

Written by Tim Whitley on Monday, August 16, 2021

Andrew Levenson, director of growth at MHP/Team SI discusses that latest data privacy update that may impact your advertising. Google has announced that Google Play will follow Apple’s privacy measures and will be changing how they handle the unique device identifier that allows markets to track users between apps.  Read More »

Ask the Experts: Google Core Web Vitals Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Jonathan Caldwell on Monday, July 12, 2021

The TraDigital™ Experts at MHP/Team SI discuss Google Core Web Vitals, answer your FAQs, and talk about how we are testing our clients’ sites. Whitney Burgess, Vice President of Marketing & Strategy, sat down with Director of Analytics John Morgan and Director of WordPress Development Steve Coplan, some of our TraDigital™ experts at MHP/Team SI, to get answers to your questions about Google’s Core Web Vitals algorithm update. Read More »

Element: April 2021 Release Notes

Written by Shaun Hartman on Thursday, April 22, 2021

Pagination Options for Promotions: Separating promotions into pages is a tactic that helps to curate the content. We always want you to have this option. But, sometimes, the numbers are such that you just want to show all of the promotions at once. Now you have that option. Simply check pagination on or off in your Designer View for Dealer Promotions.

 Read More »

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