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Day in the Life: Lisa Burnett

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We Are // Blogging

Day in the Life: Lisa Burnett

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Day in the Life: Lisa Burnett

This month we would like to introduce team member Lisa Burnett. Lisa joined Team SI in August 2015, after working in the journalism world right out of college. She graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a degree in print journalism and a minor in writing. Lisa is a Senior Content Producer for Team One. When she’s not working, you can find her hanging out with her fiance, Troy or at the dog park with her dog, Kona.  Read More »

5 Reasons Why Local is Always Better When Planning Your Content Strategy

Is your content interesting to your site visitors? Your content strategy should include local content and here is why.

If you're having a hard time coming up with interesting content, it might be a good idea to start looking at local. Local content increases your website presence, engagement and social media reach.

Here’s why.

Reason 1 - It’s relevant.
Local shows your readers that your content is current and relevant to them. This is especially true on social media. If you are a local business, your Facebook ads should be targeted to users in your area. Users use Facebook to see what is going on in their community, what is happening in local government, even what the weather is like. Seeing a post about something relevant to their hometown will create interest and generate more clicks.

Reason 2 - It’s relatable.
Social media stars and parody accounts on social media get millions of hits by creating relatable, humorous content. Relatable works. By making your content specific to a location, you are speaking to a smaller audience that can relate. When major breaking news happens in your area, lots of people are affected. They have something in common and will want to talk about it. Which leads us to reason 3.

Reason 3 - It’s engaging.
If something significant is happening in your community, people will usually have an opinion and want to talk about it. Part of moving your visitors through your conversion funnel means engaging them. Local content will give them something to talk about. Plus, this engagement will increase your social reach and bring more visitors to your site.

Reason 4 - It helps with branding.
Local content is a great way to show that your business cares about the community. Show your followers and customers that your business is involved with the local community.

Reason - 5 It’s shareable.
Did you know that the world’s largest mustache is in Chaska, Minnesota? Interesting, positive news is shareable. It’s even more shareable if social media users have something in common with it. Users who live in or near Chaska would be proud their small side of the world is getting attention. Read More »

How to Title Your Blog: 10 Tips to Increase Traffic

Did you know more than 2 million blog posts are added to the web every day? 80% of people will read blog titles, but only 20% will read the post. To bridge that gap, you need a standout title to drive traffic to your blog. An effective headline is one that commands attention. It calls out to the reader and invites them in.  Read More »

6 Reasons You Will Love Team SI

1. Always-FREE Consulting

A full-service firm like SI evaluates everything you're doing and lets you know what's working and what needs to go. In addition to the many services provided in-house, all of our clients get unlimited consulting for free.

2. Your Own Account Manager

You'll have your Account Manager's mobile phone number and the flexibility to call anytime you have questions or need something. It’s never a hassle to get what you need.

3. Easy Budget Shifts

You can easily shift budgets between services from month to month. We look at your business's unique issues and work out a strategy for shifting your budget to meet your needs. Need a little extra reputation management one month? No problem.

4. Fighting for YOU!

Unlike vendors who only try to solve problems by throwing more dollars into their single service, we’re able to apply our full-service options to build flexible plans that actually work in the interest of your business.

5. Long-Lasting Partnerships

We don’t lock you into long-term contracts because we’ve learned that we don’t need them. Our clients stick with us because our marketing plans increase sales, improve brand awareness, and build customer loyalty.

6. Consumer-Driven Strategy

As a full-service marketing firm, our strategies center around consumer behavior and research that’s based on your geographic DMA and trends. We’ll help you align your marketing strategies and make calculated moves that result in better ROI for you.

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