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Increase your sales with effective video marketing!

Video is the most widely consumed medium on the Internet. Videos help people find you, learn about your services quickly, and, if used effectively, help people take action after deciding that your services or products are the best for them.

  • We have a variety of different video marketing opportunities that can be useful to your business
  • We can post and optimize videos to sites such as YouTube to help your search engine rankings.
  • We can use paid advertising to combine pre-rolls and display retargeting. These ads will show video advertising to visitors who have already been active on your website.

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  • Your Own Account Representative
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Strategic Recommendations and Insight
  • Helps bring back quality leads to your site
  • Managed by industry-specific marketing experts
  • Stands out against your competitors

How can video marketing help my business?

Video Retargeting can bring valuable leads back to your site.

If a web visitor browses your site but leaves without converting, we can deliver a video pre-roll to that person at a later time. The message can be specifically crafted to aid in bringing the visitor back to the site. They're already interested! Let's remind them.

Your message can be delivered on
over 10,000 pre-approved A+ sites.

The pre-roll ads are dynamically placed on a list of sites within the ad networks, and we can control the site lists to make sure it only appears on reputable sites such as, Google, YouTube,, Pandora, and a variety of others. These are quality sites at a considerably lower cost than going direct.

Your videos can appear on local and national broadcasting news sites!

The great part about ad networks is that it allows you to target your audiences on major broadcast station websites, while targeting only your local areas. That means your video pre-rolls can appear on a national site within selected zip codes without a national media buy. They only show in your local neighborhoods or service areas!

Videos can be optimized on YouTube to help your search engine rank!

If you're not interested in ad spend, we can still upload and optimize your videos on your own social media channels. This can help you dominate organically in search results. For more information about those kind of services, visit our social media marketing or search engine optimization pages.

How does video marketing fit
into the bigger picture of my marketing mix?

Remember that only 2% of people actually take action on their first visit to your site? Video retargeting can help bring back the other 98%. It makes a lot of sense to advertise this way because you're given a direct audience that's already shown interest in your products or services by visiting your site once before. It's just smarter marketing, assuming you have a sales-driven website.

  • To lead people to your site and increase sales faster, you'll want to begin marketing with display advertising or search engine marketing, and you'll quickly find that people are finding you easier. However, a lot of people don't make a decision to purchase the first time around. Assuming they remember your brand, local SEO will help them find you again easily.
  • If you really want to help these people find you, try taking a look into our behavioral targeting and site retargeting options. These ads can help bring back visitors that have otherwise left your website. They work by displaying your ads across the Internet to your previous website visitors or potential customers who are browsing the web for similar services or products.
  • In addition to online ads, you'll also want a natural, authentic approach that positions your brand as accessible and personable, which you can do with our reputation management and social media marketing services.

When you combine a variety of these services into your unique digital marketing mix, your sales will reach new heights and your brand will be much more engaging to your customers.

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