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Be found locally for your products or services.
Dominate over your competition!

Local search engine optimization is a little different than standard search engine optimization. Local SEO is more focused on getting your location, hours of operations, and phone numbers updated on directory site listings. 

  • When locals are browsing the web for products and services in their area, directory sites often populate the search results, so it's important that they provide current information to your potential customers.
  • Our representatives will help get all of your listings claimed and updated. We start by collecting all relevant contact information from you, and then we start to work on claiming directories.
  • We will coordinate the efforts so that you don't have to worry with all of the steps of the process.

Learn how local SEO can take your business to the next level, and gain an advantage over your competition.

  • Your own Account Representative
  • 60+ Updated Listings
  • Updates, as necessary
  • Removal of inaccurate information
  • It's easier for people to find you over your competition
  • You'll receive more calls because of your new listings
  • Eliminate inaccurate information
  • It provides more ways for people to find your business

What are some of the benefits
of using Team SI for Local SEO?

You'll be found easier, which improves your sales.

People often find your competitors on the web, especially if your listings aren't complete. Also, in search results your website will only appear once, but each listing you have can populate in the results. This leads to more locals finding your products and services.

You'll increase brand awareness with more
digital footprints.

Often, the more times you are found online on social media, review sites, websites, and site directories, the more people tend to remember you or consider you a reputable business. With so many businesses coming and going, it is easy to go unnoticed. Site directories add to the number of digital footprints your business has.

Directory listings help other digital marketing initiatives.

Fewer businesses are keeping their listings updated. This gives you an edge. The more awareness you create and the easier you are to find, the more top of mind you will remain which will help your effectiveness in other areas such as SEO, SEM, and display advertising.

Updating directories is time-consuming.
We'll handle it for you.

Other than a few verification calls, you won't have to worry with any of it. Once we get accounts set up for all of your directory sites, we can update your information such as your hours of operation.

Let's take a look at how local SEO can take your marketing to new heights when used with a digital marketing mix.

  • First and foremost, you'll probably want to have a sales-driven website. That's a no-brainer, right? Local site directories can help lead your potential customers to your website or encourage them to give you a call. Assuming your site is well-equipped, you'll be capturing more leads in no time.
  • When you begin marketing with display advertising or search engine marketing, you'll quickly see that people are finding you more. However, a lot of people don't make a decision to purchase the first time around. Assuming they remember your brand, local SEO will help them find you again easily.
  • If you really want to help these people find you, try taking a look into our behavioral targeting and site retargeting options.
  • For a more natural, authentic approach that is less driven by ads, read up about our reputation management and social media marketing services.
  • When you combine a variety of these services into your unique digital marketing mix, your sales will reach new heights and your brand will be much more engaging to your customers.
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