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Increase your sales and build a thriving business
with display advertising!

Display advertising refers to the online advertising that you see as you browse the Internet. They are basically billboards for the Internet, but the difference is that they provide much more control, flexibility, and tracking online.

  • You can place ads on a network, rather than one specific site, meaning that your one "placement" can actually appear on any number of sites.
  • Unlike traditional media, your ad isn't only at one spot. It can appear all across the network of websites simultaneously.
  • These website locations are based on your target demographic, local market, and wherever is most likely to perform best for your unique business.

In addition to standard display ad networks, we can dive even further with dynamic display advertising. We provide contextual targeting, behavioral targeting, and site retargeting.

What is Contextual Targeting?

Contextual targeting uses third-party information to display your ads within ad networks alongside webpages that are related. For example, an article about how to achieve flawless skin might have a dynamically-placed ad next to it for a local spa or beauty product for sale in your local area.

These can be limited by zip codes so that your ad can appear on premium, highly-visited sites, such as national news sites, without the huge cost.

What is Behavioral Targeting?

Ad networks allow us to show relevant ads to users who have been browsing for the same things across the web.

For example, maybe someone has been researching new furniture online. Then, that person goes to another site about couches. This information is then used by the ad networks to show that user relevant ads from a local furniture store.

What is Site Retargeting?

Only 2% of people actually take action on your website during the first visit. Site retargeting helps to bring back the other 98%.

It works by tracking people who visit your site and then displaying your ads as they browse other sites. It's effective because most people are "window shoppers" and do not buy right away. Retargeting keeps you in front of them and top of mind when they're ready to buy.

  • Fully-managed advertising by our in-house specialists
  • Your own Account Representative
  • Display ads created by our professional design team
  • Strategies based around your specific business
  • Weekly or Monthly Reporting
  • Complete Transparency
  • Local, relevant ads based on your specific market
  • Specialists working daily to optimize your advertising
  • Strategies to get you the greatest return
  • Constant monitoring to gain an upper hand over your competitors
  • Proactive management to find new opportunities for your ads

How can display advertising help increase sales
and reach new customers?

Online advertising is much more effective than traditional methods.

The level of control over who will see your ad allows for greater audience relevance meaning that the people who are most likely interested in your services or products will see them.

Trackable, measurable results allow you to see exactly how your ads are performing.

We can see which ads are doing well, and which are performing poorly so that we can make adjustments as necessary. This allows us to continually mold our strategy into the perfect solution for you.

We analyze and improve your display advertising to see what works best for your market.

Our designers work with your account representative to develop promotions, offers, and calls-to-action to see which leads to more sales. Just as the seasons change, the same message will need to be changed throughout the year to maintain momentum. We've got it covered.

Using dynamic targeting, we are able to find audiences that lead to sales.

Whether we're working to bring previous visitors back to your site or just to place your ads in front of individuals seeking similar services, you can rest assured that your display advertising is reaching the right audience through contextual targeting, behavioral targeting, and site retargeting.

Wondering how to mix this into your other strategies? Awesome! Here is your answer.

Display advertising will send relevant visitors to your website, but those visitors aren't going to convert easily into customers if you don't have a sales-driven website. It's important to build a foundation first.

  • Once a solid website strategy is in place, search engine marketing will complement your display advertising to send as many paid relevant visitors to your site as possible within your budget and timeframe.
  • If you really want to increase the number of leads out of your visitors, consider adding social media and reputation management to the mix.
  • Every day, people are using social media to find out more about brands and the quality of products and services. Pushing out content and nurturing conversations will bring a higher awareness about your products or services.
  • With reputation management, it is possible to maintain a positive online presence that isn't overshadowed by negative reviews and comments. Additionally, visitors on your site are more likely to convert if they read authentic, positive reviews about your services. Reputation management can work to cultivate those reviews.
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