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Nurture new conversations, drive website visitors, and bring out your company's unique voice with Content Marketing!

TraDigital™ Omnichannel Plan

Content marketing, part of our TraDigital™ omnichannel marketing plan, refers to creating blog posts, web articles, infographics, videos and press releases for the purpose of crafting a stronger impression, increasing sales, and staying top of mind.

  • It can be for the purpose of telling a unique brand story, developing content that could go "viral", or just to raise general awareness. It's a mixture of public relations, web marketing, and search engine optimization.
  • It plays many roles online and offline for creating a brand that people will like and want to support. It can add personality and give people an idea of the company's values. It can also provide information about offers and special promotions.
  • Any time you can push out content to an audience, you are providing engaging material that can be shared, broadcasted, or sent to others.

Content marketing is typically included in all of our social media management and search engine optimization services. You simply can't have a great social media presence without creating frequent and engaging content.

Because content marketing projects can be so diverse, every plan is custom developed based on client needs. Want ongoing posts for your blog? Need to spread the word about press releases?

If you have an idea in mind you would like to explore, give us a call at 501.553.9321! We'd love to hear from you!

  • We work with you, or independently, to produce
    High-Quality, Relevant Material
  • We publish Consistent, Ongoing Content in your business's voice to your website, social media, and media outlets
  • We provide Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Publishing so there's always engagement
  • Content specifically for your local industry
  • Content for special events, offers, or promotions

Sounds interesting, you say?
Read below to find out how it can benefit your business.

Content helps people find out about your business.

Public relations and search engine optimization have a lot in common online. Quality content published on your site, social media, local news sites, and other relevant locations begins to populate throughout search engines making your site easier to find. It works similar to the way media attention can raise awareness. The difference is that we are pushing out fresh content rather than waiting for others to find it on their own.

Once people find you and connect, publishing regular content keeps you top of mind.

As you raise awareness about your business through content, you'll notice a lift in remaining top-of-mind among people who are connected and engaged with your brand, whether it be on your website, through social media profiles, or anywhere else. When services or products within your industry come to mind, the goal is for you to be the first one they remember.

Our content is written with clear goals.

Content has to be well planned. For example, some content will go viral by playing off news or cultural trends, but won't last long. Other times content is evergreen and will continue to be shared for longer periods of time. Both serve a valuable purpose. Content that is valuable and useful will funnel traffic to your site. Either way, it's all planned and it works well.

How can I use this with other marketing strategies
to take my business to the next level?

The main goals of content marketing are to increase your brand awareness among your target audiences and remain top of mind when people need your services.

  • With content marketing, your social media, website, and overall brand awareness are much stronger because of the consistent publishing of fresh content. People will begin to recognize your name in the community more often and get a "vibe" about your business.
  • We can take this a step further by publishing your content out to other sites. This helps improve your site's search engine optimization and helps you rank higher in search engines. Additionally, the conversations that you cultivate can be monitored and navigated with reputation management.
  • In many ways, this provides a nice balance to paid advertising. That way, people get a mix of your ads and genuine conversation.
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