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We all know that marketing can only go so far. Marketing is a tool to bring you leads and foot traffic, but marketing cannot alone close a sale.

That is why you spend so much money on experienced sales staff with connections in the marketplace.

This industry is changing faster than anyone could have imagined.

In CEO Tim Whitley’s mother’s dealership, they used to think a lead was when someone received a quote. That is no longer the answer.

In her dealership, they used to think that large ag sales was a one-to-one connection. That is no longer the answer.

So, who is teaching your sales staff the new customer journey?

When Tim is waiting for a meeting with a client or shopping for his farm, he sits back and watches people as they come in and out the door. He sees over and over again someone walk in, look at a small compact tractor or piece of lawn equipment and immediately leave without speaking to a salesperson. When he asks the salesperson why they did not introduce themselves, he often hears, “If they were a serious shopper, they would have stayed longer and asked to speak to me.”

If this issue is not fixed, no form of marketing will allow your dealership to hit your goals.

That individual who came into the store and only wanted to “kick the tire”, according to Google, they’ve already been to six different websites to conduct their research. They already know about the green, orange, blue and red units. They know how they compare against each other by utilizing social media and YouTube. They have the answers.

That person who just came in the door, “kicked the tire” and then left, they are going to make a purchase decision within three to five days and we just missed our shot of shaking their hand and collecting their phone number to text or call them within that timespan.

We no longer get to decide who is a credible walk-in lead.

With Team SI EQ’s targeting ability, we can get them in your door. We can also show your sales staff know how to handle the lead all the way through their customer journey — that is where we can beat the competitors.

In 2020, we want to do more than just marketing. We wants to help you. We wants to help train your employees on the new customer journey, whether that’s done in person or a webinar. We must educate the sales staff of this new world.

Marketing is only one component. Education is another.

If you think 2019 was tough, just wait until 2020. It’s going to be a really tough year.

If you are looking for a firm that has the answers to this changing world based on data, that is us, Team SI EQ.

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