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Your customers are searching for equipment like yours right now.

They are simply using search rather than heading straight to your website. By utilizing Search Engine Marketing (SEM), when a potential customer searches for the products and services you provide, your dealership will be seen before your competitors.

Search Engine Marketing, also known as pay-per-click advertising, is an effective method to make your business stand out against your competition in search engine results. It can reach anyone who uses the Internet to search for the products and services you provide.

Not only can our digital agency get your dealership to stand out on search engines through SEM, we can get you instant exposure through Display Advertising.

Display Advertising refers to the advertisements you see when you shop, read the news, or visit your favorite websites. They are the equivalent to billboards you see on the highway, but they can be seen in more than one spot on numerous sites and can be tracked. Display Advertisements follow you online almost everywhere you go.

We Provide Threes Kinds of Targeting

Contextual targeting is the process of serving an advertisement related to the content a consumer is reading. This method of targeting is powerful because consumers are more likely to click on advertisements that relate to the content they have been reading or viewing.

Behavioral Retargeting is based on prior Internet action that did not result in a conversion. A conversion can be anything from a sale to something as simple as signing up on an email list. These ads will remind consumers once they leave your website that they should come back.

Site Retargeting tracks consumers who visit your site and displays your ads as they browse other websites. Only two percent of people take action on your equipment website during their first visit. We want to make sure the 98% come back. Site Retargeting will keep your equipment dealership’s website on their minds.

Benefits of Retargeting

  • You Get to Choose Your Audience
  • Lower Cost-Per-Clicks
  • High Impressions
  • Reach Your Current Customers
  • Expand Your Brand Awareness

We LOVE Our Clients' Brands!

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