Team SI

The ability for Team SI EQ to target your audience is unique.

The areas we excel at, which are absolutely FREE to you, include transparency in our reporting, in-depth analysis, co-op pre-approvals and co-op submissions.

Our reporting is very detailed and dynamic. All of our clients need something different. We, of course, accommodate those needs.

Here’s what you will receive in our basic detailed reporting.

We will showcase the complex customer journey each month and will make adjustments when the data tells us to adjust it.

We will show you how many ads we have created for you in today’s complex customer journey.

Team SI EQ will detail which of your ads converted by using our Doppio® system. Doppio® has collected more “breadcrumbs” about your targeted audience compared to any other firm in the country.

We will also give you a view of how many phone calls we have generated for your dealership. This will include the number of total calls, unique calls, average time duration and even recorded phone calls, with your permission, for you to be able to listen and ensure every lead we provide you is taken care of. Because, as you know, it is not all about marketing. You must have great customer service, which is something we are dedicated to monitoring, training, and fixing.

Check out our video above to see some of the CUSTOM reporting templates we’ve done for some of our clients. You will see we don’t take the cookie-cutter approach. We strive to show you the data you need to make necessary business decisions.

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Team SI is named to Inc. 5000 for the third time.