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When Tim Whitley, CEO of Team SI EQ, goes out to speak to sales staff who say, “I know my customer and they will call me directly if they need a piece of large ag equipment,” he laughs.

The truth is, he doesn’t even do that on his own farm.

Then he asks them, “When you visit that customer out on the farm, are there multiple colors of equipment?” They usually say yes.

With some sales staff members, it can sometimes take seven to 10 times to show them the facts and retrain them in this new and complex customer journey, but educating them on the customer journey is so important in today’s age.

When we launched a digital campaign for large ag with one of our customers, Tim monitored it very closely. Week-over-week it continued to showcase the same data.

With this specific dealer, we ran conquesting ads against their competitor and then ran about a 5,000-keyword list for the new large ag equipment that they sell. We used EDA’s data through Doppio®, our trademarked system of how we deploy and optimize our ads. We noticed this trend: the consumer taking weeks going from one brand > to used equipment > and then back to another brand's new equipment.

Then, reality hit us. We were converting large ag leads for only $5 to $6 a cost per lead to the dealer!

Why so cheap?

The environment is completely uncluttered.

All of the other dealers believe the old sentiment that we pay our sales staff to catch every lead naturally through their relationships.

Team SI EQ has the technology for sales staff to initiate a drip marketing campaign for small ag and large ag. We have a precise technology that allows us to TARGET these people in the customer journey.

You know that missing out on one large ag equipment sale can impact your market share, which we need to protect. Team SI EQ knows how to do that!

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