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93% of purchase decisions begin with a web search to research the product.1

Consumers research on .

Search queries were up 25%; Research for specific products is up 88% on smartphones Year-Over-Year.2

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Learn how your dealership can lift performance with Team SI

Every person has a unique way of shopping for their next piece of small ag equipment, but all data-points connect to a behavior. This behavior dramatically shifted in 2019.

The ability for Team SI to target your audience is unique. We are one of just a few firms in the world that has collected enough data on your audience to specifically identify and target them. This is why we have succeeded so well in the equipment and agriculture business.

Do you know what we discovered with this data in late 2018 and the season of 2019?

We’ll give you some information that is all data-driven. None of this is based on opinions.

The misconception with large ag is, “They will call us, for sure. They are not going anywhere but us.” That is not what the data shows.

If you are someone who believes your past consumers are fully committed to you, the dealer or the salesperson, please go to their farm and take a look at the multicolored farm equipment they have.

If your answer is the color doesn’t matter as they purchase used equipment from you, check again and ensure every piece of equipment has your dealer’s sticker on it. The data shows that due to the commodity prices, tariffs and state of the economy, the way consumers research for large or heavy pieces of equipment, including shortlines, dramatically shifted.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a search trends feature that shows how frequently a given search term is entered into Google's search engine relative to the site's total search volume within the last hour across the United States. We can drill this information down county-by-county when you are doing data-driven marketing with Team SI.

Share of Voice over the past hour

Mobile is key.

You are most likely on your smartphone looking at this page on If you are not, it is a rare sight to see. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it is an indication that you are losing out on site traffic and leads (calls and forms).

As the graph showcases, 63% of all Google searches for new agriculture equipment come from smartphones. Your consumers are either in the field conducting their research or in need of something now. Only 30% of searches came from the computer.

Here is the winning piece of that equation: 78% of all leads to an equipment dealer come from smartphones and only 20% of leads came from desktops.

By inching up your mobile performance and marketing, you quickly gain leads easier than trying to do that via desktop.

In the following infographics, you will see when smartphones took over in the customer journey in search, research, and the need for product reviews.

Source: Google internal data for Agricultural Equipment | Used Equipment and Earth Movers. Time period: Q2 2019.

Traditional is NOT dead.

Dealers mistake Team SI EQ as a “digital only partner” because we focus on data and leads. In reality, we are a TraDigital partner. TraDigital™ is the art of blending traditional and digital marketing.

New in 2020, we will be utilizing new datasets to inform Team SI and our clients to place traditional media. We will be able to analyze Connected TV of consumers watching a particular network. We will take the people who convert the most on a specific network or genre to help influence our traditional media buys in negotiations.

For example, when we launch a TraDigital™ campaign for a dealer, we will see more “nearby John Deere location” in your organic and paid search terms.

A TraDigital strategy drives people to your website via their smartphones while they are sitting on their couch.

As soon as we get the people from the “Awareness” phase into the “Consideration” phase, we launch Doppio® to take it from there.

Doppio® is how we service individuals inside of the “Consideration” and “Evaluation” phases of the customer journey.

Take a look at the solutions we are bringing to you, the dealer, through technology and smart data analysts who study ONLY this vertical.

Learn how your dealership can lift performance with Team SI

1. Source: Forrester

2. Source: Google internal data for Agricultural Equipment | United States. Time period: Q1 2019.

Team SI is named to Inc. 5000 for the third time.