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93% of purchase decisions begin with a web search. These days, people are researching everything they intend to buy prior to making a purchase.

Imagine you decide to buy a truck.  Before you ever set foot on the lot, you probably go online to research vehicles and eventually pick out the ones you want to test drive.

We can help you create the same experience for your current and potential customers. Our websites are much more than static brochure sites. Your website will be a full-featured online storefront, complete with inventory control and a customer relationship management system with an easy-to-use online dashboard. Call us today!

Did you know …

– Nearly all farms with Internet use wireless routers

– 99% of big ag farmers use the internet for farming purposes

– 87% of small farmers use the internet for farming purposes

– Over half of farmers’ digital media activity is conducted on a smartphone

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Your potential customers who are looking to buy and rent equipment are searching for your products right now, and, in fact, they’re searching from all over the country. Farmers and ranchers will seek out the perfect piece of equipment no matter the distance. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a digital presence with your inventory available for them to see, they’ll never find you.

Through digital marketing, you can connect with your new customers right now – wherever and however they’re doing business. Team SI is here to help. 

We deliver a cutting-edge, measurable roadmap that will allow you to accelerate your business growth and deepen the rapport you have with your customers. 

Digital Media Roadmap

Step 1. Foundation

First off, you must have a solid foundation before building your business or website. Our society has become screen-based. Approximately 90 percent of our media consumption involves screens and only 10 percent involves print. Our website development team will custom-design a responsive website for you that works on smartphones, computers, tablets, and any other device. We'll create an environment that keeps your customers coming back to the website.

Step 2. Consumer data

After we have a solid foundation in place, we listen to your unique challenges and needs, as well as those of your customers. 

Step 3. Launch initiatives/Inventory listings

Using the data we obtained in step 2, we’ll develop your personalized strategic plan to effectively launch your online storefront and drive your current and potential new customers to your website. We will integrate your current point-of-sale system* to automatically update your inventory or manage it directly from the back end of your website. Our sites include an inventory web app that makes it easy - no technical skill required. 

Your website will easily provide your potential customers with details about the availability of specific makes and models. It will showcase features, specifications and photos of your inventory.

It will also list your current specials and promotions!

Step 4. Optimization

After the initial launch, your marketing initiatives will be re-evaluated and optimized weekly to ensure their relevancy and freshness. Business decisions should never be made blindly. That's why we've integrated powerful reporting functions into every aspect of your online business website. From web pages to inventories, email marketing to customer relations, our platform records every interaction customers have with your site and gives you the tools to track them. You’ll then receive weekly and monthly analytics with our real-time reporting.

We’re constantly learning from our current campaigns and consumer data so we can make each effort more cost-efficient and effective. 

We take special care to understand what customers are looking for, and we work to make sure that your site delivers. 

Our full-featured system will help take your business to new heights, all from an easy-to-use online dashboard. 


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