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Traditional & Digital Marketing Services for the Financial Industry

MHP/Team SI has a wealth of knowledge in digital and traditional financial marketing. The “sweet spot” where traditional marketing and digital marketing meet - what we focus on in our TraDigital™ marketing plan - is where MHP/Team SI does its best work. With the latest media tools and techniques, our marketing strategists target the RIGHT potential customers for your bank’s marketing goals at the RIGHT time with the RIGHT messages and the RIGHT frequency.

MHP/Team SI tailor our banking and financial marketing efforts to grow our clients’ digital presence through content marketing, search engine marketing, and search engine optimization. We target your message online, on smartphones and on Connected TV and by reaching IP addresses. This allows us to meet customers at every stage of life.

See our work in each stage by downloading our Banking and Financial Data Booklet below.

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Banking & Financial Data Booklet

If you have an ideal audience in mind, we can target them with marksman precision through Doppio®, our proprietary data analytics platform. Here’s how it works.

  • Through Doppio®, we have access to more than 200,000 data layers that we can apply to your banking and financial marketing messages to ensure they hit the right audience.
  • Our analysts make strategic recommendations on how to convert visitors into leads and customers.
  • We provide a monthly track-record of our planning and management success.

For example, with our financial marketing strategies, we have data‑sets that can directly target

  • Individuals actively looking to refinance their mortgage or obtain a new mortgage
  • High-end depositors who are not-yet-committed to a bank and are currently looking to settle down
  • People searching for their next debit or credit card
  • Another institution you want to do business with
  • Select customers based on the stocks they are investing in
Banking and Financial Instituation Data Booklet for Marketing
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The booklet will be emailed as a PDF download within 48 hours.

Why stop there?

How about going after people shopping for their next vehicle? Or targeting an auto dealership’s IP address to provide key influencers and decision-makers with content designed to convince the dealer that they should be recommending you to their customers who need financing?

Those examples are just a few of what we can do for you.

In our TraDigital™ marketing plan, we apply innovative ideas and techniques to the time-honored and trusted assets of brand building and storytelling — introducing your business as a solution to your audience’s financial needs. Better yet, we already understand the demands of compliance and privacy in the financial sector and know how to build up a bank’s brand in the process.

This is all part of a data-driven marketing approach. Determine the segment you need to go after and hit the bullseye with a data-backed banking and financial marketing strategy that connects with your audiences.

It’s time to EMBRACE data-driven marketing and revive your financial services brand. It is time to recognize the advances made in modern marketing, lead generation, and targeting in both the message AND the media used to deliver it.

Your path to success begins with a conversation.

Team SI is named to Inc. 5000 for the third time.