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Nurture by Team SI - CRM & Marketing Automation Tool Designed Specifically for Equipment Dealers

Nurture CRM & Marketing Automation Program - Co-op Eligible

Nurture By Team SI is an all-in-one lead management, marketing automation, and email marketing solution made for equipment dealers. Automate and organize your sales process, and nurture your online leads through the sales journey with automated marketing touchpoints.

Issue: Multiple online lead platforms like Facebook, Website, Machinery Pete, MachineFinder, etc. are driving leads to sales teams, but these teams don’t have a program to organize and follow-up with leads, and the process is extremely manual. At the same time, Marketing and Sales are not working together to nurture these leads through the pipeline.

Solution: Nurture brings all online leads into a single, easy-to-use online platform where your sales team can easily organize and keep track of leads each day. At the same time, it automates email communication, follow-ups and customer touchpoints.

Results: Team SI has tracked over $5 Million in revenue and Nurture is currently being used in over 150 dealership locations in the US. It’s given dealers the ability to organize and cut down on follow-up time, and create a more efficient sales and marketing process for their team.


  • 90-minute sales training webinar
  • Ability to consolidate and track lead alerts from Financial, TractorHouse, Machinery Pete, MachineFinder, Website Forms, Facebook Leads and more.
  • Eight hours per month of in-platform management (additional time billed at hourly rate)
  • In-platform management includes, but is not limited to: Setup and configuration of Personas, Lead Scoring and List Segmentation, Automation Workflows and scheduling, A/B Testing, and List imports.
  • Email Sync and Sales Dialer to automatically bring in transcriptions and MP3s of sales calls and emails.
  • Custom workflows to automate your sales and inbound marketing campaigns and tactics
  • Email marketing and automation
  • Custom website chatbot
  • CRM and Opportunity Pipeline to manage online leads
  • And more..

Email Marketing & Automation - Co-op Eligible

Utilizing Nurture’s built-in email marketing platform and automation functionality, Team SI has the ability to design email campaigns, segment customer and prospect lists, and send large or small-scale email blasts and campaigns.

Issue: Typical digital advertising tactics have CTRs in the range of 3-5%, and receive only a small portion of clicks compared to impressions. In addition, creating sequential marketing campaigns is a difficult task without the implementation of email marketing.

Solution: Email Marketing offers the ability to send hyper-targeted and relevant advertising to the right customers and prospects, at the right time. With Open Rates as high as 20-30%, Team SI has the ability to showcase your products and content to a larger, more qualified audience. In addition, campaigns can be long-term in nature and “nurture” leads through the sales funnel and buyers’ journey.

Results: Team SI has developed email campaigns with Open Rates as high as 30%, and developed campaigns that successfully have lead users through the buyers’ journey to a completed purchase.

  • Up to 25,000 Emails per month ($1.50/1,000 emails after)
  • Detailed reporting on email metrics and results
  • Access to self-serve, drag-and-drop email design program
  • Attachment ability (uncommon in other email programs)
  • Four pre-made email templates
  • One custom email template (additional templates at hourly cost of $95)
  • Ability to upgrade account to CRM and lead management portions of Nurture (for additional cost)
  • Dynamic email content (name, equipment needs, purchase history, etc.)
  • A/B testing and optimization

Nurture Website Chatbot & Automation - Co-op Eligible

The Nurture Chatbot gives your dealership group the ability to seamlessly integrate automated online chat within your website, with both pre-written chat options and live chat options. Many questions fall outside the lines of being asked in a form, so give your website visitors the option to convert, communicate and contact you through a pop-up chat.

Issue: Manytimes, website visitors have questions that fall outside the lines of a Request a Quote or Contact form, and also want to spend less time finding these forms. In addition to this, they want to have a near-instant response to their inquiries.

Solution: With a website chat option, visitors can easily click on your chat box to ask questions on their time. With live chat, your visitors can get instant answers to their questions or comments. If the logistics for live chat aren’t in place, pre-made workflows/options can be tailored to your dealership for users to go through on their own.

Results: With a chatbot tailored to the equipment industry, we were able to increase daily chat leads by 300% vs their previous chatbot provider. In addition, we’ve developed complex automations that have the ability to route questions to your dealerships, send email alerts, and more.

  • Scripted or Live chat options available
  • Unlimited questions, responses, and information fields
  • Random-response capabilities ensure your chatbot does not grow stale
  • Ability to create different conversations and questions, for different audiences
  • Live Chat features made possible through Slack
  • Custom email alerts after completed Chatbot conversations


The only way to see this in action is with a LIVE Demo. Please email [email protected] or call Tim Whitley, CEO & Founder of SI EQ, at 501-222-3807. Another option is for you to fill out this form to receive more information on our full services while we set up your Demo time.

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Solutions for the Agricultural Dealer & Manufacturer

  • Explore what we have to offer:
    • Nurture by Team SI
      • Nurture brings all online leads into a single, easy-to-use platform where your sales team can easily organize and keep track of leads each day. At the same time, it automates email communication, follow-ups, and customer touchpoints. Complete the gap of understanding which leads are nurtured into sales and determine your marketing to sales ROI.

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    • New Equipment Sales
      • Targeting farmers and small ag consumers is one of the most effective things Team SI does. But, we decided to get better in 2020 with even more precision. When you click in this section, you will see all of the segments that have the ability to be on all of their connected devices. It will be much easier going forward with targeting the RIGHT person with the RIGHT frequency at the RIGHT time.

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    • Used Equipment Sales
      • With used equipment comes the ability to “break out” from traditional marketing tactics. We can successfully reduce your aged inventory numbers with services like Facebook Marketplace and Dynamic Search Ads.

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    • Construction Equipment Sales
      • To those having trouble believing there's a customer journey with Compact Construction Equipment, there were 2,728,753 searches in Google for Compact Construction Equipment in one quarter of 2020 ALONE. Team SI generated 3,450 calls for dealers by being present within their customer journey as they shop online.

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    • Recruitment: Technicians & Sales Staff
      • In FY20, Team SI provided more than 1,000 applications to our dealers for technicians. However, with co-op eligibility opened up for other positions, Team SI has begun experimenting with promoting a broad range of positions, including management, sales, delivery drivers, and parts specialist recruitment campaigns.

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    • About Team SIEQ
      • When one of our customers is with us for years, that relationship expands into inventing the future. Come invent the future with us. And see how we have done it with other dealerships by learning more about us.

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    • Retention Ramp: Aftermarket Solutions
      • Since 2016, Team SI has been preaching the importance of regaining your profit margin inside of the Aftermarket environment. COVID-19 created an overall awareness of how your consumers are searching for parts/service online. It is time to accelerate your growth to match the demand that will not go away after COVID-19.

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    • Element: Dealer Website Platform
      • Engineered for the forward-looking dealer and ever-growing mobile consumer, the Element Web Platform delivers every day with up-to-the-minute analytics and first-class service. Designed with conversion-first behavioral data, this clean, innovative interface drives customers to take action. Constantly monitored and improved daily, Element keeps dealers ahead of the game and above the competition.

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    • Organic Search Results
      • Team SI has been performing SEO tactics before they were cool in the Agricultural Industry. We first started in the most competitive environments ever: automotive and healthcare. Everyone wants to rank higher in organic search. Our SEO tactics combined with our SEM strategy allow you to take over the first page of search engines.

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    • Mergers and Acquisitions
      • We know how stressful it is to go through a major reorganization and merger. There are so many items on the to-do list that some of the most basic items that are overlooked end up becoming the most important to the customer. We've successfully marketed 8 different mergers and acquisitions just in the past couple years and we're ready to help with yours.

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    • Advanced Market Share Analysis
      • With Team SI’s advanced market share analysis service, receive visualized market share reports each month along with strategy consultations and marketing correlation analysis. Learn how your marketing can tie-in and influence your market share efforts.

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    • Social Media Management
      • Social Media engagement and social reputation management for your customer base is very important to a TraDigital strategy. Be actively engaged with your audience and deliver the content they want to see with our social media team's expertise.

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    • Co-Op & Billing Process
      • Pre-approvals and claims are a complicated, time-consuming process that is vital to getting you reimbursed quickly and for the correct amount. We have an entire team dedicated to this process at no cost to you.

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