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Written by Team SI on Tuesday, February 05, 2019


There are so many roles that you the dealer have to focus on during the day. If you want to create a new page on your website it should be as easy as posting on Facebook.

This frees you up to do what you know how to do best… your business.

As a dealer, you will really benefit from the CMS. We don’t lock you out of the website like a lot of competitors do. You are able to go in and create landing pages, drag and drop content onto those landing pages, even personalize the content for your audiences.

Element allows you to drag content onto any of your pages in an easy to use visual builder. Each content item is called a widget. These widgets can be dragged into the page and placed in responsive containers. With the visual builder, you can even modify the layout and number of containers that are on the page for that perfect, mobile compatible look.

You’ll also be able to add specials and promotions to the website with dynamic linking to new equipment. So when the customer visits your site, they can see if a promotion or special is tied to it.


On most competitor sites you have to go to a specials or promotions page and then you are looking at a PDF or static image of a print ad. With Element, you get so much more. When your customers view a specific piece of equipment and that particular series or model has a financing promotion, for example, your customer will see that on the detail page for the equipment and that might be the final deciding factor on making a purchase. Gone are the days of disconnected promotions and specials for your new equipment.

Element is a software as a service. What that means to a dealer is it is constantly updated with new features and capabilities on a continuous basis.

Element by Team SI: Website built by consumers’ data - created to provide more research to these consumers that will convert them into leads.

Welcome to the next generation of a website platform that puts mobile and consumers, first! All based on data.

Email [email protected] for your free website analysis and a demo of all the data that were the building blocks of Element.


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