New Equipment Showrooms

Written by Team SI on Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Element provides MORE RESEARCH to users. This will increase your engagement on your website. Bolt Incentives will literally bolt on each incentive that corporate is offering to the New Equipment showroom… all the way down to the model.

The incentives will publish autonomously and be taken down without any need on your part. Research is Key when someone is trying to find their next piece of equipment.

When you are looking for a new house or a new vehicle, the more information that is provided on those listings, the better chance you will ask them to see it in person, right?

We must make it easier for the user to get all of the facts on the piece of equipment within your website to ensure they do not go to your competitor.

Our new In-Depth Showrooms will now include:

- An Overview of the Product

- The full list of Features

- Specs

- Gallery of Photos

- Brochures to Download

- An easy way to call you, save, print, email or fill out a form

- National Incentives to be dynamically linked in your showrooms

Welcome to the next generation of a website platform that puts mobile and consumers, first! All based on data.

Welcome to Element.
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