Equipment Dealer Website Platform

Written by Team SI on Monday, February 04, 2019

Your website is not a brochure. It is time to calculate the LEADS it produces. That is why we developed Element, our dealer website platform. It allows your users to find exactly what they want with a quick search utilizing our exclusive Blaze Search.

Equipment shoppers only care about a few things when visiting your website. They already expect a mobile-friendly experience that loads quickly since 60 percent of all searches for equipment and 72 percent of the total leads you receive come from mobile. They want to find the piece of equipment they are looking for, in-depth research and where their nearest location is to kick the tires.

When they are ready to call or fill out a form, they don't have to search a drop down for their nearest location. Just like other national websites,,,, and, the website will match the customer with your closest location using automatic location detection. They can call, receive directions, view operating hours and more.

Since we know through research and data that an equipment consumer will look at an average of 7.2 websites before making the decision to visit a particular dealer, we created Element to recognize the user when they leave and come back to your site, keeping track of the equipment they viewed and displaying it for easy access.

For the dealer, being able to manage your site should be something that is seamless and easy so it doesn’t take time out of your day. The backend of Element is drag and drop. It also allows you to track the entire customer journey with the Digital Experience Cloud. Using AI and machine learning, it will even suggest small changes to content to increase conversions!

Element is completely devoted to helping our dealers increase their leads, sales and profit by optimizing their website performance with Helium Search Rankings.

On average, a dealer will have more than 400 pieces of used equipment and 2,000 new pieces of equipment including shortlines. How do you allow users to quickly come back to see what they were recently researching instead of going through your entire database, again? We engineered a feature that will allow the user to SAVE and COMPARE different pieces of equipment on your website.

There are so many additional benefits of Element that will save you time and money with true automation of incentives, showrooms, shortlines, used equipment and email marketing.

This next-generation website platform was not built by engineers isolated in a vacuum; Element was developed using real consumer data.

An element is a part or aspect of something abstract, especially one that is essential or characteristic.

Just like elements are the building blocks of everything, Element by Team SI has the building blocks to ensure your dealership’s website takes your visitors from search to signature.

All of these components come together to supercharge your site by helping your customers find what they need faster. You focus on your dealership and let Team SI focus on building the best dealership website experience for your customers.

It is time to INNOVATE. It is time to accept that people desire INSTANT GRATIFICATION.

Welcome to the next-generation website platform that puts mobile and consumers first! All based on data.

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