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Written by Team SI on Monday, February 04, 2019

Your website has one goal: Convert! Convert into leads which turn into CASH.

Here is the thing, more traffic to your website does not make you richer.

It is about getting the right people to your website and knowing how to put the right content in front of them. This is why customer profiling is important in growing your business. Data is the currency of the Internet. Data about your customers play a major role in defining and preparing your marketing strategy.

Did you ever think that your website could define your marketing strategy? It is called First-Party Data.

Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud (DEC) is integrated with Sitefinity’s CMS that powers Element.

Think about,,,, etc… they are all personalized to your needs! They know your behavior and deliver a personalized approach to the website.

Digital Experience Cloud helps you clearly understand your customer’s journey so you can offer them that they exactly want. It helps you understand your audience and create personalized content to grow engagement and conversions.

Marketers and business owners know that their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are now directly linked to bottom lines. Digital Experience Cloud gives marketers an integrated marketing command center and allows them to optimize their campaigns to drive more sales. The AI and machine-learning engine can even suggest subtle changes to content to increase conversions based on real data!

So,you might think that this powerful engine that Fortune 500 companies use to deliver this information must cost a lot.


Digital Experience Cloud is already included within Element

It is time to INNOVATE. It is time to accept that people desire INSTANT GRATIFICATION.

Welcome to the next generation of a website platform that puts mobile and consumers first! All based on data.

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