Blaze Search

Written by Team SI on Monday, February 04, 2019

By studying more than 500,000 user interactions on equipment websites, we learned they do some of the most common things that we all do on a website!

They are used to instant gratification; they immediately find the search bar on your homepage and begin their research.

The problem? No equipment dealership’s search functionality is built for this. It is built for a sitewide search providing no context to the users.

Think about it! When you go to sites like,,,,, and, what do we all head towards?


The problem is that we used to believe users would just “find the content” as they are committed to the dealer.

Blaze Search equals instant gratification. Over a year in the making from all of the data we collected, this is the most advanced search in the equipment industry… rivaling national sites mentioned above.

This is not just a search box. This delivers results in milliseconds, live, in real time, to the user prior to them hitting “search.” That is why we call it Blaze. Most of the data that we collected shows users either bouncing out of the site after their initial search on your current site or they are dropped into used equipment after they were prompted by an advertisement to check out incentives on new equipment.

Element by Team SI: Keep shoppers engaged on your website by using a platform built for their behaviors.

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