Auto Location Detection

Written by Team SI on Monday, February 04, 2019

We know when a customer has called from the website you have won because you provided them with a seamless experience. When consumers are researching they often want to know the closest location to them and the hours. With our updated location feature, we allow users to share their location. The reason the website platform will ask the consumer is that you want to show your potential customer that you care about their safety and security. Once the location feature has asked the user for their location, it will never ask them again.

Our research indicates that your consumers are tired of searching for the nearest location. They have grown accustomed to websites like Home Depot, Lowes, Bass Pro Shop, and Target. Why are we still using the old way of thinking that consumers are going to waste their time on their smartphone to search your website to find the nearest location?

This is what it looks like when they do… more than 500,000 sessions recorded. And they are all over the place when it comes to CONTACTING YOU. Over 55% DROP OFF the website in frustration.

That would be like someone walking in the front door of one of your locations blindfolded to find the sales representative to talk to.

That is why we have engineered Element to treat the consumer as they are being treated by other websites that have multiple locations.

The website will automatically detect the closest location to them along with a picture of that particular location. They can click to call, receive directions, view operating hours and more.

If the nearest location is not their preferred location, they will have the ability to change locations to other nearby stores. They will be able to SAVE their favorite store for ease of remembering who to call for equipment, service, parts, etc

This will follow them in the top brow of the website just as the example sites that the consumers are accustomed to using. This can dramatically increase calls and leads!

It is time to INNOVATE. It is time to accept that people desire INSTANT GRATIFICATION.

Welcome to the next-generation website platform that puts mobile and consumers first! All based on data.

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