Accurate Reporting

Written by Team SI on Friday, February 08, 2019

One of the biggest concerns we have is when we are told an equipment dealer does not know what his or her website does for them. We immediately ask to see their analytics to show them… but… they usually do not have a Google Analytics account or know how to log in or where the sheet of paper is that has the username and password on it.

Element is going to solve that for YOU. Element will have Google Analytics. It is not allowed to NOT have it. You will have access, but we know you do not need another login to view the stats.

Here is what we have provided for you that will ease your stress and to show you what your website delivers to you every month.

We send monthly reports at the end of every month to show you how your website performed. You can always access the most up-to-date analytics information in the backend of your site, and in Google Analytics, but you’ll have fresh results delivered to your email every month.

We will break down Organic Search traffic (non-paid search engines like Google or Bing). Direct traffic is anyone who accessed the site by keying in the URL directly. Paid Search is the paid ads typically seen at the top of a search engine results page. Referral is anything that is linking to the dealer’s site, such as when a user visits a dealer’s page on MachineFinder or John Deere’s website. Social is any traffic that comes through a social media platform. Display ads are paid banner ads that appear across the web. You can also see the traffic source that led to the most conversions on the table at the bottom.

The automated monthly report will also include the most popular pages that users viewed on your site, the average amount of time they spent on each page, and their interaction for the month.

The best part of this report is that it will detail what LEADS were sent to you. We consider a LEAD (Conversion) as anytime a user clicks to call on a mobile device, completes a form on the site, or clicks to get directions to the store. You can see how many conversions you have and which webpage that the user completed a conversion action on. Because, at the end of the day, it matters if your website is CONVERTING.

Welcome to the next-generation website platform that puts mobile and consumers first! All based on data.

Welcome to Element.

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