Ability to Save and Compare New and Used Equipment

Written by Team SI on Monday, February 04, 2019

Did you know 80 percent of your website traffic are one-time visitors? That means, only 20 percent of site visitors return to your website to complete their research on new or used equipment.

That would be like if someone came inside your store, kicked the tires and then just left without ever coming back.

This is not acceptable. We need to make it easier for users to be ENGAGED with your website.

How are we going to do this?

We are going to give the consumers what they desire. They want your site to function like Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, Bass Pro Shop, and Target.

On average, a dealer will have more than 400 pieces of used equipment and 2,000 new pieces of equipment including shortlines.

Let’s say that the user likes this piece of equipment but it is their first step in their customer journey. They will still go to 6.2 other sites to look for a similar piece of equipment to compare price and condition.

The consumer will leave your current site to go on with their customer journey. When they return to your site, they have to go through the exact same process of finding that piece of equipment that could take five minutes. This quickly frustrates the user and they leave the site.

Welcome to save and compare!

Example: with Home Depot’s website, you may add items to your cart, compare items, download a PDF, and have the site REMEMBER where you ended your session on the website. The items are still in your cart when you come back to the website an hour later to 30 days later.

This is what our system will do.

We know that it will be highly adopted due to their use of it on national sites. Plus, you will stand out as someone that truly wants to make their lives easier.

Let’s give the example of large ag first. Let’s say that the user is choosing between the three models who you see in the example. The individual will be able to save them on your site to revisit them later. He can even compare each model with a PDF download to take into the store.

Or, let's take another example of a different type of user who is looking for their first small ag piece of equipment. We know that in dealing with these consumers, it is usually a wife and a husband that will be making this decision. Inside of our research studies, they will shop independently and together. When the wife sees something she wants to show her husband, she now has the ability to save it or even send it via email to him. This way, when they are together, all she has to do is go to your website using the same device she had prior and click on the shiny object of “saved 1” item to showcase the piece of equipment to her husband. The same goes for the husband.

Of course, he will have 10 pieces of “toys” saved and she will eliminate seven of them, but it is the thought that counts.

Why did Team SI do this? The data told us to.

Another reason… this will help the user find what they want faster and help them make a decision even quicker. Thanks to YOU!

It’s all about making it as easy as possible for your customers to find what they want. The product will be right where they left it, increasing the chances that they will buy it… from you!

Welcome to the next-generation website platform that puts mobile and consumers first! All based on data.

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