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Dealer Website Platform

Team SI is recognized as the first firm to discover the hidden online customer journey in 2010.. As other agencies/firms are catching up, we continue to innovate beyond understanding the journey to now helping to direct the journey.

Did you know Team SI studies over one-million agricultural customer journeys? We follow where they go most often, find what roadblocks are in their way and then isolate those roadblocks to make sure other customers like them are experiencing the same issues.

We do not design or setup Element (your online store) based on our feelings or a pretty color palette. We listen to the data. We listen to the consumer who is trying to find a product that might be incredibly hard to find on your website but easier on other sites such as Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, Tractor Supply, etc.

Websites like Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, Tractor Supply, etc. change almost every single quarter. Why? Simply put: they listen to the online customers either by feedback forms, heatmaps, site recordings, A/B testing and then they address the feedback by launching new/adapted products to match their behavior to maximize engagement and leads on your website. Instead of just telling you about the progress we have made, let us show you what we introduce to our customers on a monthly basis.

Keep shoppers engaged on your website by using a platform built from their behaviors.

This next-generation website platform was not built by engineers isolated in a vacuum; Element was developed using real consumer data.

It is time to innovate. It is time to accept that people desire instant gratification.

Welcome to the next-generation website platform that puts mobile and consumers first! All based on data.

Welcome to Element.

Schedule a Demo

Please email [email protected] or call Tim Whitley, CEO & Founder of SI EQ, at 501-222-3807 for more information. The only way to see Element is with a LIVE demo! You will not be disappointed with our Build Your Own and other features based on User Data.

Another option is for you to fill out the above form to receive more information on our full suite of services while we set up your Demo time.

Element Release Notes

Auto Detected Nearest Location Feature Image

Auto Detected Nearest Location

Don't make your customers fumble around your site to find the nearest location. Connect them instantly with their auto detected nearest location.

Easily show their nearest location, hours of operation, contact information and even directions.

Learn More Schedule a Demo
Element by Team SI's Auto Detect Nearest Location instantly helps your customers connect to the nearest dealership location.
Save and Compare New and Used Equipment

Save and Compare

Give your customers the option to save equipment listings on your site to revisit later. They can even compare and print to take into the store or share the equipment via email.

It’s all about making it as easy as possible for your customers.

Learn More Schedule a Demo
Element by Team SI's Save and Compare allows your customers to save as many pieces of equipment as they want and then compare up to five at one time.
Promotions and Specials

Bolt Incentives: Promotions and Specials

Do you ever get tired of worrying that you have the wrong incentive on your website?

With Element, national incentives will publish autonomously and be taken down when they expire - automatically!

Learn More Schedule a Demo
Element by Team SI's Bolt Incentives keep your incentives and offers up to date at all times.
Personalization icon

Dynamic Personalization

Your customers want to see equipment that’s relevant and useful to them and it’s hard to appeal to everyone with generic information. Create a personalized experience for your customers with Element.

Element by Team SI, built on top of Sitefinity CMS, allows us to build that personalized experience.

Learn More Schedule a Demo
Element by Team SI helps you sell more equipment by creating a solid website experience for your dealership.
Digital Experience Cloud

Digital Experience Cloud

Data is the currency of the internet, so it's critical that you leverage it.

Digital Experience Cloud is the command center that enables you to drive growth for your dealership by understanding and optimizing every customer’s individual journey.

Learn More Schedule a Demo
Element by Team SI's Digital Experience Cloud creates a unique customer journey for each individual.

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