Team SI

In the HVAC industry, you might not think consistent messaging would create a significant lift in sales. However, when Northside Heating and Cooling approached us because their campaigns weren't meeting sales goals, a TraDigital campaign was exactly what worked.

The Challenge:

In February 2016, Northside Heating and Cooling approached Team SI due to current campaigns not meeting sales goals and the absence of brand consistency between their traditional and digital mediums.

The lack of a visual online presence mirroring their message on TV meant that any traction gained from TV ad impressions were lost once the consumer entered the digital sales funnel, preventing that audience from creating any brand familiarity once they left their living rooms.

The Big Idea:

Team SI developed a TraDigital campaign, designing new creative that stood out from crowd while remaining professional in tone. A strategic cable TV buy was developed by analyzing Northside’s audience demographics, audience interests, the geographic location of the most value homes to service and scheduling 15 and 30 second spots on channels and at times that reflected that audience.

Team SI then created a multiplier effect by running the same spots concurrently as Pre-Roll ad on YouTube and creating socials ads that reflected that same creative and search marketing ads to capture the new customers that were furthest down the sales funnel.

The Results:

  • sales revenue increased by 10% over previous year
  • spent a fraction of what their competition was spending on tv
  • raised brand visibility in areas the company was looking to increase market share
  • directed 2000+ qualified leads to client landing pages
  • conversion rate of 20% (calls, lead forms)

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