Team SI

When a large automotive dealership noticed the negative effects online reviews were having on their dealership, they knew their brand needed to face the online battle they had been avoiding.

The Challenge:
Few people go online to share their positive reviews, but if they’ve had a bad experience, it seems the first thing they do is leave a heated comment or review online. This large automotive dealership knew it was time to do something before things got worse, so they enlisted the help of SI to improve their online reputation by increasing positive reviews using ethical tactics.

The Big Idea:
Because we know that happy customers rarely go online and tell everyone how happy they are, we had to find a way to cultivate that interaction. In the automotive world, customers are typically happiest right after they purchase a new vehicle, and we needed to connect with them at that particular point in the sales process. We developed an interactive social media kiosk that allows customers to share their experience on Facebook and, most importantly, post a Google and Yahoo! review.

The Results:
  • Connected with people at the point they're happiest with the purchase.
  • Improved the dealership’s reputation
  • Boosted positive ratings within one month
  • Made it more difficult for negative reviews to surface
  • Dealership continues to be highly rated online
We've been named one of the Adweek 100: Fastest Growing Agencies!