Team SI

When a prominent children’s hospital approached Team SI to develop strategies for increasing Facebook user engagement, SI provided extensive insight to improve presence and interaction on the platform backed by data.

Team SI conducted a Preliminary Analysis that included:

— Audience Profiling

— Indexing based upon Low Noise, Connectivity, Engagement and Affinity

— Content Engagement Analysis based on Types of Posts, Day of Week and Time of Day

— Engagement Trend Analysis over a six-month period

— User Surveys

Strategy Recommendations & Next Steps were based upon insights:

— Target the correct audiences based upon indexing

— Optimize timing of posts based on target demographic lifestyles

— Deploy type of posts that are most engaging and result in most activity or response

Audience Profiling provided insight into the demographic breakdown of the client’s Facebook page versus those of its largest competitors. Based on the data gathered, Team SI determined that the most effective target audiences for increasing engagement would be Mothers and Donors. Next, audiences were indexed based upon Low Noise, Connectivity, Engagement and Affinity. These indices are based upon the highest motivators of engagement and were compared to the audiences of leading competitors. SI observed a large number of marketing posts that did not require any type of engagement from the audience.


 SI recommended a ratio of four engagement posts for every marketing post delivered. In addition to the “Engagement” Index, the “Affinity” Index results were far below the competitors’ scores. SI recommended focusing efforts toward Mothers and Donors, two groups with the highest indicators of being the ideal audience to facilitate engagement. Once the audience was profiled and the ideal target group was selected, current efforts over a six-month period were evaluated. SI analyzed the posts to see what type of content was being published most often. The client had a high number of link posts, which SI recommended balancing with a mix of marketing posts and engagement posts. This allowed for the content to be shared, but distributed in a new way that would engage more of the target audience. The post types were then analyzed to see which were receiving the most engagement. SI noted that the most engagement was occurring on Saturday and in the evenings, yet the client’s team was only posting during business hours. After making adjustments to the post type and timing, the client has seen a continuous rise in engagement.

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