Team SI

Although Landers McLarty Subaru was implementing a strategy with their traditional marketing, they weren’t aligning the goals across all media, which wasn’t creating top-of-mind awareness and, as a result, was negatively impacting sales.

The Challenge: Since research shows that 8 of 10 Subaru owners have a pet, it made perfect sense to create a marketing plan targeting dog lovers. Landers McLarty Subaru understood this on the traditional side, but was completely missing the mark when it came to digital.  The dealership was struggling to bridge the gap between traditional and digital and was missing out on potential business because of poor online content and overall messaging.

The Big Idea:

Team SI developed a plan to infuse the dogs from the TV spots into all digital elements, including the website. We know that people who are searching for a new vehicle look at an average of 18.2 sources of information before buying. We understood the importance of increasing the frequency of our message.

We worked closely with the traditional agency to add TV spots to the website, developed a social media contest designed to target dog lovers in the local market, and increased brand awareness through daily social media content and weekly blogs and videos.

The Results:
  • Increased website visits from 1,521 in February to 5,437 in July
  • Referral traffic from search engines went from 40 in February to 690 in July
  • Website leads jumped from 49 in February to 393 in July
  • Gained 1,500 local Facebook fans in 6 months
  • Received 991 video views on YouTube
We've been named one of the Adweek 100: Fastest Growing Agencies!