Ways Your Equipment Dealership Can Reach Farmers on Social Media

Written by Team SI on Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Farmers may spend most of their day in the field, but they aren’t leaving technology behind at home. Even out in the field, they are still browsing the internet on their smartphones, researching equipment and checking social media to interact with other farmers and agricultural businesses. They are also using social media for their own business purposes — to establish that connection between the farm and the consumer. 

As an equipment dealer, you might not realize you should market your business on social media, but you need to consider where your audience is spending their time. According to a Pew Research Center study conducted in 2019, 72 percent of U.S. adults use some form of social media. Among rural citizens, the popular choices were Facebook at 66 percent and Youtube at 64 percent.

So, while farmers are on social media building communities with their followers, equipment dealers can use social media as a way to reach those farmers by building brand awareness and establishing their business as a trusted industry resource.

According to Marketing to Farmers, a study by Successful Farming found that YouTube acts as an educational space for farmers with many of them watching videos to get more information on products and services.

You can cater your dealership’s YouTube content to meet those needs by posting weekly or monthly videos that provide valuable information, such as easy maintenance fixes for equipment, specifications for new equipment on your lot, details on what is going on at your dealership or events that are going on within the industry.

While you are creating this content for Youtube, don’t forget about Facebook! You can repurpose those same videos you made for Youtube by posting them directly to Facebook, turning them into blog posts and publishing the links on Facebook to draw traffic back to your website and much more.

Like with any crop, don’t expect to see results overnight. Stay consistent with posting content and watch your following and business grow. Consistency and ‘learning the land’ of these social media platforms is your key to success.

Our team has years of experience helping our equipment clients with their social media marketing strategies. We can even work with you to develop ads that target your specific audience on social media, providing another way to get your content and business out in front of farmers. If you’d like to hear how we can help, reach out to us. And, for more marketing insights, check out our blog on tactics your equipment dealership should implement in 2020.



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