TraDigital: The Holistic Approach Using Google Analytics

Written by Team SI on Thursday, February 22, 2018

Most dealers and business owners do not realize that their website is such a vital part of their business. More people will visit your website than walk into one of your locations in one month. How do you know if you’re neglecting your foundation?

Do you have Google Analytics on your website? If so, do you know how to properly analyze your Google Analytics? What does your Google Analytics show us about your site and consumers?

Are you creating new and relevant content for your website? How are you marketing your online store? Would you build a store and then walk away and leave it? Remember, more people are visiting your online store than your physical location. What does your website say about you?

Understanding Google Analytics:

In so many cases, dealers and business owners have come to Team SI to get a better understanding of their website. When asked for their Google Analytics, we hear more times than not, “What are Google Analytics?” or “We do not have Google Analytics on our site.”

We are driven by data at Team SI. Google Analytics is a vital part of every one of our websites and is integrated on each page for easy access and a better understanding of how consumers are interacting with that page.

Google Analytics can help you answer the following questions about your website:

• How many consumers are coming to your website?
• Are those consumers new to your site or returning?
• How long do consumers stay on your site? What is the bounce rate?
• How many pages do consumers look at?
• Which pages do consumers look at the most?
• Who are your consumers? (Age, Gender, Interest)
• Where do your consumers come from?
• Was your consumer using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop?

Once you know this information, how can this help you?

Google Analytics can change the way you look at your website and marketing as a whole! Remember this because it will come into play later.

Are you creating blogs for your website? Often dealers build a website and then fail to create blogs. This causes your site to become stagnant. In order to rank higher in Google, you have to create new and relevant content.

Content Creation – How this helps your online store:

If you start looking at your analytics and realize one of your most viewed pages is your “specials” page, yet you have no specials listed, what do you do? You put in time and effort to ensure there is content on your site so when people land there, they find exactly what they’re searching for.

TraDigital Marketing:

TraDigital Marketing is the blending of digital and traditional marketing to ensure all of your bases are covered. In recent years, every industry has increased their digital spend; however, we do not believe that all of your funds should be spent on just digital or traditional.

How do we use your data to determine how to properly market for you?

Remember that part about Google Analytics changing the way people do marketing? Google Analytics can help you determine how to best target your ideal consumers. We can analyze the last year of data and see what age range, gender, etc. are coming to your site. Then we determine how to best target the ideal consumer.

What is working and what is not? Many times we have been on a dealers website to see they are randomly buying display ads on the local television channel. However, by looking at Google Analytics we can determine if those ads provided value. If the consumer is only looking at one page and leaving in 20 seconds we would discourage you from spending your budget on that media. The data must support each marketing decision.

Understanding your website’s Google Analytics is just the first step to better understanding your consumers, and how to market to those consumers.