Why The User Experience is The New SEO Success Formula

Written by Team SI on Monday, July 23, 2018

SEO – a term that can leave marketers waving the white flag and clients scratching their head in confusion. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to expand a company’s online presence, yet it is often overlooked or seen as too daunting of a task. While there is undoubtedly a litany of intricacies that one can find when going down the SEO rabbit hole, one key rule ties all SEO together – to provide the best user experience possible. So, before you drown in oceans of keyword research and data trends, keep reading to learn why UX is the best way to find SEO success.

Google Looks at UX

While areas like linking and tag structure are primary ranking factors for Google and other search engines, the algorithms that allow these sites to work are advanced enough to also know if your site is worth seeing. Starting in 2011 with the release of Panda to Google's algorithm, the search engine has been using machine learning to identify factors on websites that affect UX and incorporate the findings into ranking decisions. If your site or landing page is just built to check off search engine boxes but not to help the user, Google knows, and you’re being hurt by it.

Better Bounce Rate - Better Rankings

Another ranking factor that goes hand in hand with UX is the bounce rate. A "bounce" is when a user clicks on your site and immediately "bounces" or clicks away. Coupled with time-on-page data, bounce rates (percentage of people who bounce from a page) can be an indicator that the user experience on a page is poor. By providing a great UX and encouraging users to interact with your website, you not only increase the potential that people find useful information, but you also increase your good ranking signals, improving your chance of going up in search rankings.

Good Enough to Link

In the world of SEO, it is known that one’s link profile is the MOST important ranking factor, and nothing can help a site quicker than by earning quality links from reputable pages. UX comes into the picture when you create content that answers user questions, leaving them satisfied and more likely to link to your page as a source. If Google sees a site linking to yours, they know that what you have to say must be worthwhile since someone is voluntarily encouraging you to leave their site to visit yours.

So before you have a panic attack the next time you need to improve your rankings, remember that Google wants to show people the best content that the Internet has to offer. If you work to provide a great UX on your site, you are well on your way down the road to success.

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