Thank You, Data

Written by Team SI on Monday, February 05, 2018

Here at Team SI, on the digital media end of things, we have one thing we are thankful and in love with daily, data! With a rapidly growing market, more social media platforms and ever-changing technology, we are able to gain insight about our audiences in larger quantities faster than ever before. Here are a few reasons why you should be thankful for data, too: 

- With data, you can improve your marketing budget management. One of our biggest tasks here at Team SI is making sure we stay within our budget with our campaigns while also ensuring our clients see the targeted return on their investment. The ability to see social user data helps us determine what type of advertisements your audience engages with most. From this information gathered, we can determine where to spend your advertising dollars. 

- There are many tools out there that provide data to help you understand your audience. Google Keyword Planner finds relevant keywords or phrases that people may search the most. This helps us write relevant Search Engine Marketing content based on which words are searched most often. Google Analytics is a great tool to help us understand user sessions on your site. Analytics gives insight as to what the user experience was like, where they have visited on your pages, any conversions that may have fired or whether or not they have made a purchase. This information helps us develop a marketing plan and dive deeper into your user experience.

- Data also gives us a unique advantage by giving us the ability to see how you rank against your competitors. Different types of marketing tools like SEMrush can give insight as to how many likes an ad gets, what keywords are being used and even what competitors’ ad content looks like. You can use this information to produce content and campaigns that will outrank them.

- The key to digital marketing is knowing where your audience is located. Marketing data can tell us what devices your audience uses, where they're located and the social platforms they frequent. Knowing this will help us create media that is catered to regions or devices that are high-volume traffic.

Making sure campaigns are optimized and providing the best user experience is important. This is why we are thankful for digital media data and the information it is providing. Today’s technological advances give us opportunities and access to things we wouldn’t have had 20 years ago in the digital world. 








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