Tell A Story Everyone Will Remember

Written by Team SI on Tuesday, July 17, 2018

At Team SI, we LOVE storytelling. As marketers, we get the privilege of sharing many different brands' stories to all different types of audiences. We believe one of our strongest skill sets is taking a story and delivering it to the right medium, at the right time, using the right frequency.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to make your brand come alive in the minds of both your current audiences, and the audiences you're trying to reach. If you can give your brand a story that people can identify with, you're then able to take your target audience on a journey with you. In order for people to form a relationship with your brand, your stories must be honest, inspirational and connect with them on a real level.

You may be telling yourself, “Yes, I get I need to tell a story, but how do I find these stories.” With any brand, you want to first identify what your values are, then bring those values to life. For example, we work with Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. They had a little boy that had to have a serious heart surgery and wanted to do a video to show that you can still do whatever you put your mind to, even if you had heart surgery. The former Memphis Grizzlies' forward Jeff Green and Le Bonheur Children's Hospital patient, Matthew McCarter, prove that there are two great teams in Memphis that are all heart, all the time. Le Bonheur was able to emotionally connect with so many different parents and give them a sense of hope. Not only did they give their audiences a sense of hope they built trust within their community.

One story can go a long way. Stories can be told using so many different mediums. You could create a 30-second spot for TV, a long format video for Facebook, YouTube Pre-roll, a blog, etc. Another great way to connect with audiences is to tell them who you are as a company. One of the most searched pages on any website is the “About Us” section. Audiences want to know who you are so they can determine if they can connect with you or not. We did a video for Everglades Equipment Group, a John Deere dealer located in south Florida. We were able to capture the beauty of what it is like to work for them and what their culture is like.

You need to create an emotional connection between the information you want to get across and the person you're telling the information to. Storytelling isn’t easy. You have to be goal oriented to make the story successful. If you need any help, we at Team SI would love to help you!


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