Social Media Shares Impact More Than Meets the Eye

Written by Grace Townsend on Friday, October 09, 2015

Facebook allows us to do so much more than just look at friend’s photos or see what long distance family members are up to. Facebook allows us to share and read compelling stories that can bring communities together to make a difference in someone’s life. Facebook allows us to share information that won’t be forgotten and reach people all over the world like never before. 

For example, an Illinois community came together to help a farmer with terminal cancer harvest 450 acres of corn in one day. The farmer, Carl Bates, was bedridden and his family didn’t know what they were going to do about harvest.

His cousin, Jason Bates, wrote a lengthy Facebook post, while his other cousin, Dan Bates, spoke with some neighbors about Carl’s terminal cancer. After that, the outpouring of support seemed to explode. 

Just a few days later, 40 neighbors and friends showed up at Carl’s farm and surprised him by harvesting all of his corn. They used 10 combines, 12 grain carts, and 16 semi-trucks to tackle all 450 acres of corn. 

The pictures and news story were shared on Facebook and the rest is history. This story has now gone viral and thousands of likes and comments have been shared. It has even inspired people that don’t even know Carl Bates’ family to want to donate money to help with his medical costs. 

This is a story that was shared with me that nearly brought me to tears. Had this story not been shared with me via Facebook, I would have never known something like this happened.  While word of mouth was used to help Carl and his family, the power of social media amplified his story to reach thousands. 

Social media and the Internet can be used as tool to change someone’s life in a positive way that couldn’t have without the power of social media. 

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