Predicting Intent and Anticipating Needs

Written by Grace Townsend on Monday, November 19, 2018

People are signaling their intent every time they turn to their device for assistance. In fact, 84 percent of Americans are shopping for something at any given time in up to six different categories. For example, a 32-year-old farmer could be shopping for a new tractor while also looking for engagement rings for his girlfriend and researching what to get his mom for Christmas.

The challenge is hitting these people at the right time using the right frequency. Shopping across so many different categories can be very overwhelming for people. They are going to need your help because they might forget you if you don’t help them along the way. We can promise that, if you help the customer by keeping track of the items they’ve researched, your sales will increase.

Our job as a data-driven marketing firm is to make the research process as easy as possible through the entire customer journey. That means being present and useful along the way. This is where content will always be king. Help the customer by providing relevant videos, reminding them to come back to your website after they left, connect with them on a personal level through site personalization and have a list saved on your site of what they looked at in case they come back.

Nine out of 10 shoppers are not absolutely certain of the brand they want to buy when they begin looking for information online via their smartphones, and there is a growing trend of shoppers starting with a blank brand slate such as “car brands” “ring brands” and “equipment brands.”

As eager as your potential customers are to research for items they want and need online, they will be very quick to bail on you even if you have a product they are looking for if they don’t have a seamless experience. For example, if your site speed is slow they will go find a competitor that is faster. In fact, more than half of smartphone users have purchased from a company other than the one they’d originally intended to use because the information provided by another brand was more useful.

Now is the perfect time to make a New Year’s resolution to improve your customer journey. Provide your audience with an online experience that is seamless. If you need any help, we would love to have a conversation with you





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