PR Storytelling Formula: Data + Human Factor = Authentic, Original Content

Written by Team SI on Friday, January 31, 2020

As with all marketing trends, PR trends in 2020 will be driven by data. PR efforts will use data to help map out story topics and measure effectiveness, but the art of storytelling will also need the human factor to appeal emotionally to audiences.

We have already seen a shift in communications channels where owned channels and influencer channels are becoming more and more important over traditional channels, and that shift will continue in 2020. Earned media used to be the focal point of most PR campaigns; however, with the media landscape shifting, you will see PR efforts evolve. PR campaigns will push out more video and original content, creating turn-key content for media and key audiences to consume. Storytelling and authentic content will be more important than ever before. The PR function will become more integrated into full marketing campaigns, adding the human factor as a way to tell stories about how real people are using real products and services.

Kristen Nicholson, Director of Public Relations


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