Power of Social Media

Written by Grace Townsend on Tuesday, February 17, 2015

When it comes to social media, most businesses think it’s simply a tool for attracting new customers. While that may be true, social media can do so much more. It creates awareness, it’s a quick and effective communication tool, and most importantly it’s used to build relationships with customers.

When a company takes the time to respond to their customers on a social media platform, it builds a core foundation of trust. And, as we all know, trust is the base for any relationship. Being able to nurture relationships with your customers is an essential element for growing and maintaining a successful business. 

The more interactions a business has on social media, the more opportunities that business has to build their brand. The people who mention the business’s brand increase their visibility to different consumers. Businesses who engage more on social media will soon see the effect of those efforts with increased brand awareness and, ultimately, more customers. 

Recently SI team member Jessica Duff traveled to Orlando, FL for work. The trip fell on her birthday, a time she would’ve rather spent at home with family. Check out the response from the Wyndham Hotel in Orlando where she was staying when they found out it was her birthday.

Monday, Jan. 19 – Instagram Picture in the morning:

Jessica posted a picture of the resort with a caption “If I’m gonna be at a conference on my bday at least it’s beautiful @OrlandoWyndham & for a job I love @socialinnovation! #HBGReunion." In this post, Jessica tagged the hotel, her employer and used a hashtag for the work event she was attending. The post was published on Instagram and Twitter.

Monday, Jan. 19 – Within minutes of posting the picture:

Orlando Wyndham responded to Jessica’s tweet of the captioned photo to wish her a happy birthday:

Monday, Jan. 19 – Around 10pm

Jessica gets back to her room after an award’s banquet to find a sweet surprise from the hotel in her room. Orlando Wyndham made her a birthday cake, complete with a candle and birthday card signed by some staff members wishing her a happy birthday! Jessica immediately took a picture, thanking the hotel for the kind gesture and posted it to Instagram & Twitter.

Monday, Jan. 19 – Later that night:

Jessica decided to post a picture of the card, cake and candle on the Orlando Wyndham Facebook page to thank them for a job well done:

Tuesday, Jan. 20 – sometime the next morning:

Orlando Wyndham responded to Jessica’s Facebook post by liking the comment/photo. They also responded to the post – thanking Jessica for her kind words of thanks. They also commented on her tweet from the night before.

Needless to say, Orlando Wyndham gets an A+ in our books for their incredible engagement via social media. Not only did they respond to Jessica’s post, they put a little “oomph” behind their words with the birthday card and cake. Do you have a social media success story you’ve encountered with a business? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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