Strategic Planning Is Key to Innovating How You Communicate

Written by Team SI on Thursday, January 23, 2020


Annual strategic communications planning will be key – for brands of any size – to create and manage effective integrated marketing campaigns that garner desired business results. Sound communications plans prioritize audiences, define messaging relevant to those audiences, delineate desired outcomes to maximize media effectiveness and ensure that your brand is reaching the right audiences on the right platforms at the right times.

There is no “one way” in marketing communications today. It can be very tempting to stick to strategies with which you are familiar or to put all your eggs in the latest and greatest communications basket, which is especially appealing with so many online platforms available. But, the reality is, that no audience is entirely dependent on only one or two channels for information. Audiences are getting messages from everywhere – and a strategic communications plan can help you be in the right place to garner the attention your brand deserves.

Digital media, social media, television and radio, events and earned media, websites and apps and all the rest of the media channels …. they are all possibilities, but only when they align with the priorities of a strategic communications plan that supports business objectives. In 2020, more and more brands will require and rely on sound strategic communications planning to advance their brands.

As media becomes more fragmented, audiences will become more distracted. Companies and organizations will need strategic communications plans to prioritize communications activities to support business objectives.

Julie C. Robbins, Director of Client Services

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