Is Your Mobile Site Costing You Business?

Written by Team SI on Thursday, March 22, 2018

We are some impatient people and it is something we can’t help because of today’s technology. When we want to get something done on our phones, we expect to get it done within seconds. Whether it is searching for vacation deals for the upcoming summer or looking up the best sushi restaurant in town, often times businesses don’t realize they are losing potential customers simply because their website doesn’t load in time!

If you frustrate your customer right off the bat, chances are they are going to go to your competitor. According to Google Research, the average mobile webpage takes 15.3 seconds to load. Don’t think that is a long time? Close your eyes and count to fifteen or do an intense workout move for 15 seconds, it seems like an eternity. Google states if people have a negative experience on mobile, they’re 62 percent less likely to purchase from you in the future.

Can you afford to lose 62 percent of your online business? We think not! Don’t limit your business simply because your site won’t load in time. Below is a list of simple things you can do improve your site’s mobile speed. Google provides a free tool that you can use to see how! It will email a report with wonderful recommendations on what you can do to improve your site and how you perform against other websites in your industry!

1.Compress your files to decrease mobile rendering time

2.Optimize images to reduce to reduce file size

3.Avoid landing page redirects

4.Remove render-blocking javascript

5.Reduce the size of the above-the-fold-content


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