Instant Gratification: Win Using Micro-Moments

Written by on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

In today’s world, we expect everything in an instant thanks to our mobile devices. You must be there when your audience needs you most. Users are turning to you for answers so be their helping hand.

Micro-moments occur every second of the day. They occur when users turn to their device to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something and buy something. We live in a mobile-first world so it is important for you to be there for users when they are searching on a mobile device. There are four key moments in which you need to be there according to Google: I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do and I-want-buy moments.


“Near me” searches are more important than ever. These micro-moments occur quickly and people expect for your information to be correct. For example, it is lunchtime and I want to grab a quick bite to eat. When I google “restaurant near me,” can you assure your location and phone number are correct? It isn’t life or death, but I can guarantee it will make me mad and I won’t attempt to go to your restaurant again because something SO SIMPLE was incorrect before I had a chance to step foot inside of the restaurant. Today's consumers are increasingly looking for things that are close to where they are. Make sure your business directories are correct. People are looking for you and you didn’t even know it. Google wants to recommend you, so check and make sure this simple task is correct!


How-to videos are one of the most searched for video categories on YouTube today. According to Google, 91 percent of consumers turn to their devices for ideas while completing a task. Being a new mom myself, I turn to my mobile phone constantly to learn how to do something. For example, I was running out of food ideas to make for my son’s lunch. I turned to YouTube to teach me new fun ideas on how to get my son to try new foods. I probably watched 10 different videos. This is a HUGE opportunity for brands to take advantage of. If you can help a user through a simple video, they will remember and your brand loyalty will skyrocket. Identify how you can help your consumers based on the products and services you provide. What are the questions your customers ask on the phone or in person? Apply that to your strategy! Make your videos easy to find across all of your channels and make sure you tag and title them correctly.


Consumers are obsessed with research no matter how big or small. Consumers are hungry for advice and they turn to Google to find out an answer. It can be a trivia question friends are battling around the table about, or something as big as searching for a place to take the entire family for vacation. According to Google, 66 percent of users use their phone in their I-want-to-know moments and 85 percent of users took a relevant action on their mobile device prior to making a purchase.

Make it simple for users to find the information they’re looking for about your brand. Be sure to cover your bases and implement a strategy that can help consumers on their entire customer journey.


If you sell something online, then you’re open 24/7. Consumers don’t have to wait until the next day to go to your store anymore. Whether they’re marking a simple purchase or making a big purchase decision, such as buying a car, they turn to their mobile device. For example, I wanted to purchase new patio furniture for our screened in porch. I went to Target but later that night I started comparing products and prices on my phone to see if I could find a better deal. Long story short, I did my research, found something cheaper and better and boom, made a purchase without leaving the comfort of my bed. According to Google, there are more than 1 million YouTube channels with product reviews that consumers are watching to make a purchase decision.



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