Implementing Videos Into Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Written by Team SI on Tuesday, October 29, 2019

It’s no secret that video has taken over the internet. In fact, according to eMarketer, the number of U.S. digital video viewers, considered those who watched digital video content at least once per month, is expected to top 235 million this year. Video can play multiple roles in your marketing strategy, especially for healthcare providers.

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Whether your consumers are self-diagnosing on the Internet, reading the latest flu updates or binge-watching YouTube videos about pimple-popping doctors, they want to know more about medical topics. Many patients crave easy-to-consume medical information that can help them take control of their diagnosis or just educate and entertain them.

With video marketing, you can become a voice of reason to patients in a space often cluttered with misinformation. Plus, by implementing video marketing, you’ll have the opportunity to flaunt your practice, your physicians and your services to current and potential patients.

Opportunities to Use Video Marketing

    - Show a more personable side of your team with in-depth doctor profiles that allow your patients to get to know and establish trust with your physicians before they even meet.

    - Sometimes the fear of the unknown keeps patients from getting the care they need. Calm their fears by creating a video that explains one of your procedures from start to finish and what patients can expect after as they recover.

    - Educate patients about upcoming health risks, like flu season. Tell them the common symptoms to watch for and show them how to prevent getting sick. You can also make video updates on how the season is progressing in your area.

    - There are some things patients can do at home that will save them a trip to the doctor’s office and/or give them more control over their diagnosis. Make how-to videos to show them how to complete simple tasks, like monitoring their blood pressure at home.

    - Use videos to promote an agenda, like encouraging a healthier lifestyle. You can make videos for simple recipes, easy exercise options and more. Here’s an example of how Walgreens created a video campaign on sun safety.

Where to Place Your Videos

You didn’t put in all that effort just to use your video on one platform. Here are some suggestions on where to place your videos to maximize their value to patients.

    - Social media is a great place to start. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can expand your videos’ reach potential as people comment, share and react to them. We see a lot of success in video marketing through Facebook Live, which allows doctors to speak to a large audience and directly answer patient questions in a live question-and-answer setting.

    - Putting your videos on your website might seem like an obvious choice, but make sure you aren’t missing any prime digital real estate. Place your videos on your blog if you have one, on a FAQ page, on a landing page for a specific service and/or on your homepage. By putting your video on multiple easy-to-access spots on your website, you are giving your patients ample opportunity to learn more about your healthcare system.

    - If you publish a scheduled newsletter, be sure to add your videos to it as well, especially if the topic is of interest to a larger audience.

    - Distribute your videos to local media as many news outlets, including print, TV, radio and digital outlets, will often share helpful health news.

If you need help determining where video would best fit in your marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to contact Team SI . With our experience in the healthcare industry, including understanding regulations and guidelines, you’ll receive a customized plan that will grow your business.

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