How To Market Your Brand During the Holiday Season

Written by Team SI on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fall is in the air, and we know what that means. Aside from football season and the pumpkin blitzkrieg that takes place this time of year, it’s also the beginning of the holiday season. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve--they all happen in a matter of 3 months, which means a lot of celebrating is in order. Seizing this time of year by taking advantage of holiday shopping trends means your business will be given the precious gift of skyrocketing online conversions in no time.

Due to the growth of the online marketplace, consumers spend more time researching and purchasing online than ever before. According to Google, 78 percent of consumers used the internet for holiday research last year, compared to a small 29 percent relying on family, friends, and general “word of mouth” for product reviews. 

At a whopping 40 percent, nearly half of last year’s holiday shopping took place online. At Team SI, we expect that number to be even bigger this year.

Start Your Plan NOW

Holiday shopping before Black Friday?! Yes, the times are a’changing. You remember the “olden days” of sifting through a sea of coupon booklets after Thanksgiving dinner, plotting the perfect route for your 5 A.M. shopping spree? Those days are dwindling. With modern technology offering businesses the autonomy to market their products and services online, many companies offer their own sales events long before Black Friday rolls around.

In fact, last year 48 percent of holiday shoppers made most of their purchases on or before Cyber Monday--the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday. With cellphones and tablets always within reach, mobile shoppers ended up spending $1 trillion (28 percent of total retail sales) through their mobile devices.

So how can your business capitalize on this watershed moment in holiday shopping? Whatever your online strategy may be, it’s time to start implementing it. Here are a few marketing ideas to consider incorporating into your plan:

Social Media

By now we will assume that your business has a social media presence. Hosting contests, giveaways and charity events on Facebook and Twitter are effective ways to maximize online engagement with your audience and grow traffic to your website. Pro Tip: Try incorporating your area football team into your social media strategy. Football fandom brings a large, passionate audience that your business should be capitalizing on. Get in the game!

Youtube Videos

When it comes to the consumer, Youtube is a godsend. Many online shoppers now conduct a large portion of their research on Youtube, where they watch product reviews and discussions from fellow buyers. Get your business to stand out from the competition by using Youtube to offer valuable information on your products. Educate a customer and gain an online conversion. That’s the essence of a win-win scenario.

Utilize Search Engine Marketing

Online search terms for shoppers change around the holidays. As modern consumers come to expect the discounts and promotions that the holidays offer, their expectations are mirrored in their search terms. Utilize an SEM campaign (not to be confused with SEO) to include keywords such as “free shipping,” “holiday specials,” and “Cyber Monday deals.” Using these holiday buzzwords in conjunction with your long-term Google Adwords strategy will ensure that your business takes full advantage of the holiday shopping season.

Retargeting Campaigns

How often have you perused through products on Amazon only to find those recently viewed items following you to different sites? By implementing retargeting ads, you can retarget consumers who have recently visited your site and have demonstrated a level of interest in your product. Use your retargeting ads to highlight your business’s holiday special(s) in order to bring shoppers back to your site to complete their original orders.

Need help to get your holiday marketing plan rolling? Team SI is here to help! We offer a tailor-made digital marketing plan that will create a powerful online presence for your business. By working with you, learning your specific needs, and adapting to the ever-changing digital landscape, you will enjoy online and in-store growth like never before. Get in touch!

Written by Eli Nichols 

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