How to Define Personas when Creating a Marketing Strategy

Written by Team SI on Thursday, January 04, 2018

Who are you marketing your product to? How many different strategies should you use to capture your audience? This is where defining your personas comes into play, which will help make targeting your ideal audiences easier. 

In the marketing context, a persona is a representation of your ideal consumer based on historical and present consumer trends. Personas allow you to target specific groups that are interested in your product. You should start with three personas and create more if needed.

To create a persona, it’s easiest to imagine a specific person who embodies traits you want to give this persona. Here’s a helpful exercise to tease out who you want to target in your media campaign. 

Start with the basics. How old is this person? Include their gender, education level, and geographic location. 

Think about their profession and hobbies. Do they have an hourly job or full-time career? Will their profession motivate them to buy your product? Where do they see themselves in the future? Or are they still in school?  What are they doing in their free time? Where do they spend most of their time?

How do they use technology? This is an important trait to consider when planning a digital media campaign, so be as specific as possible here! Do they have social media profiles? Do they have a smartphone? How much time do they spend online? Do they have a Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook email account?

Example Persona Bio:

Alex is 26, male, MBA, living in Denver, Colorado. An account manager for a technology company, he hopes to become director of sales. In his free time, he plays on an adult hockey team. He is only active on his Facebook profile, primarily uses his iPhone to access the Internet throughout the day, and is online 3 hours a day. 

With this information, we know to target this persona heavily on mobile and on Facebook. We also know that our copy should be written to an educated, young and motivated audience. Make your second and third persona with different backgrounds and technological tendencies to make sure you have a plan for reaching all potential audiences. 

By creating these personas you will have narrowed down who your preferred audience is and where to find them. With multiple personas in your pocket, you’re ready to develop marketing strategies to target those who are interested in your product!

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