Holiday Shoppers Crave Your Content - Help Them!

Written by Grace Vest on Friday, October 19, 2018

What kind of holiday shopper are you? Last-minute type of person or the person that is already done by October? According to Think with Google, 76 percent of U.S. holiday shoppers use three or more online channels. Last holiday season, shoppers said half of all their online purchases were made on their smartphone. This is the time people are searching on their smartphone like crazy, visiting websites and uncovering and rediscovering brands. People are always shopping — before, during and after the holidays. In fact, only about 18 percent of shoppers consolidate all of their shopping to the Black-Friday-to-Cyber-Monday weekend, and by that time shoppers have already completed 42 percent of their holiday shopping. An always-on strategy is critical to reach consumers whenever they need you — not just when you need to schedule your content calendar.

Because we as consumers have so many resources of our fingertips, the process can become overwhelming and cluttered. In order for you to successfully help your potential customers, you must own the customer journey. Help consumers this holiday season with these helpful tips.

Make it Personal

A one-size-fits-all approach is not acceptable anymore. When it comes to finding what consumers want, consumers expect brands to return just the right results, tailored to them. More than half of consumers say they are interested in seeing personalized content when they are shopping. They want to see things such as relevant deals from sites they regularly shop or a reminder of where they left off last time they visited a site. Searches for “gift + ____ year old” have seen a two-year growth of over 100 percent, while searches for “gifts for dad” have grown over 80 percent during that same period. This would be a great time to amplify your search engine marketing and retargeting strategies. With New Year’s resolutions just around the corner, you may want to put your website on that list. Are you providing a website to your consumers that you are proud of and that provides a personal experience?


Nearly two-thirds of shoppers say online video has given them ideas and inspiration for their purchases and more than 90 percent of consumers say that they’ve discovered new products and brands via YouTube. What is your video strategy? Are you targeting the right people at the right time using the right frequency? Are your videos helpful and do they have a goal? Your videos don’t need to be seen by everyone, they need to be seen by people that are searching for your product! If you focus on this, your conversion rate will go up and you will see a higher ROI on your marketing efforts.

Mobile Assistance - Get People There

Searches for “shopping near me” have grown over 200 percent in the past two years. If consumers do get in their car to drive to a store, they want to know their trip will be worth it — 41 percent wish that stores would do a better job of sharing inventory. Make sure you are providing enough pictures and descriptions of everything you have! Your sales with soar and more people will convert. Ensure your online business directories are correct when someone wants to google your business for directions. If your address is wrong or your phone number, we can guarantee the consumer will find your competitor.

Help Consumers Find You Using Content

Research shows that 61 percent of shoppers are open to buying from different brands during the holiday season, and in the 2017 holiday season, almost half of them did. This year, Google is seeing that consumers are more open to discovering and trying new brands than ever before. As proof, mobile searches for “brands like” and “stores like” have grown over 60 percent in the past two years. Assisting those customers when they need you can be a great opportunity to convert new customers into long-lasting customers. But it’s also a timely reminder that you must nurture existing customers’ needs too. Provide content that allows people to compare and contrast your products to other brands. Consumers are researching like crazy prior to a purchase and, if you can be there when they need you online, you will win.

Listen to your consumers. Anticipate what they want and deliver it to them in a personalized and seamless way. If you do these things, you’ll stand out from the crowd. Doing so could be a big step toward reaping long-term customer loyalty and business success. Ask yourself: Am I owning the consumer journey? If not, let us be your helping hand.






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