Get to Know Team SI's CEO Tim Whitley

Written by Team SI on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tim Whitley can be described as a positive leader, innovator, hard worker and team - focused. Passion has been in his blood since he was a small child.  More on that below…

Tim Whitley is perhaps best known for his high-profile keynote speaking on “TraDigital: The Art of Blending Traditional and Digital.”  He is also a highly respected individual in the categories of TV broadcasting, distribution of content, meteorology, automotive, agriculture and higher education.  

Tim is currently leading his team of 63 employees at Team SI by innovating over 200 companies in the automotive, agriculture and higher education categories.

Let’s return to where it all began: #1 watching the TV news at age 10 and telling his family how he would make it more relevant to the viewer through innovation. Tim started interning in the station’s weather department at 15 and was a manager by the age of 17. He innovated the way local television stations handled severe weather and breaking news. While still in his teens, he continued to lead in innovation by helping to launch a brand-new TV station, launching additional newscasts, doing morning weather and developing high-energy programming - all by the age of 19.  He didn’t do any of this because it was his job; it was all built on passion.  

Passion continued to elevate Tim further into management at Nexstar Broadcasting Group as the company sent him to Fayetteville, ARK., to lead the rebrand of an NBC affiliate at the age of 20. Eighteen months later, he was transferred to do the same at the NBC there.

After three years of innovating the brand of KARK-TV and other TV stations, Tim was given the assignment to develop the digital media business model for KARK and Nexstar Broadcasting Group.  

After four successful years of innovating the way local television stations deployed information via digital media channels and how they developed a business model that brought in tens of millions in revenue, Tim resigned at the pinnacle of his career because he saw where the local TV market was heading and how distribution of content was going to change it forever. He wanted to lead the revolution with companies all across the world instead of just focusing on broadcasting.

Tim Whitley is honored to be part of the Arkansas Business “40 Under 40” Class of 2015.  Each year, Arkansas Business honors 40 intriguing business and political leaders under 40 years of age who bear watching. This is an elite group of Arkansans who are doing great things to advance the state.

Tim donates time, money and services to three Arkansas nonprofits that he is emotionally tied to Camp Aldersgate, Women & Children First and The Arkansas Innovation Hub.  Tim is proud to serve as a board member of these three organizations.  

Tim has built Team SI on passion and innovation – values that have resulted in Team SI being named to the Inc. 500 as the 276 the fastest-growing company in the country.  No Arkansas company has been named to the Inc. 500 in years, and only one in the history of the Inc. 500 rose above number 276. Team SI is a digital marketing firm made up of designers, strategists, and marketing specialists that help create positive brand experiences for its customers through social and digital platforms. 

As Team SI’s impressive growth continues, Tim holds to his belief that Arkansas is where the company will stay as partnerships with local universities, high schools and third-party programs to educate Arkansans to place them in the tech industry and to retain talent in the state.

Tim Whitley’s goal is not to lead the biggest company in America, or even Arkansas, but to deliver innovative ideas to his clients to help them be successful in a TraDigital world.  And if doing so brings along growth, education and investing in Arkansas, he will take on the opportunity. 

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