Element: September 2020 Release Notes

Written by Team SI on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

New Tools and Features on Element for Dealers

Element by Team SI: September 2020 Release Notes

The New Equipment Showroom is Live in Your Site! 

In August we were able to set up our Newest Equipment Showroom in all sites. This showroom is the fastest, the most compact, the most mobile-friendly, and the most customizable showroom in the industry. Want to make yours completely custom? Reach out to [email protected] and we can get it set up exactly the way you want it.

Element's Build Your Own Tractor Package Tool Is Ready for You 

Element has THE NEW STANDARD for Build Your Own Deere. Our latest Software as a Service (SaaS) offer comes complete with analytics, integrations, and a beautiful visual interface. Thank you to our good friends at Wade Incorporated for being the first to bring this into their site. Give it a try!

Try Build Your Own

Mobile Improvements for Search Filters 

Specific searches can be very challenging on mobile due to the lack of space available. We've been very creative with mobile real estate and have introduced a filtering panel that slides in when needed and can be closed when it has done its job. It utilizes the device's built in tools to select which filters are applied for maximum compatibility.

Improvements on Element for Dealers

Enhanced Support 

One of the things we strive for in Element is to maximize your value. You have a complimentary hour of support every month that we want to use to improve your site. So, if you don't already have a wishlist, you might want to put one together. We will reach out each month that you haven't used your free support hour and use it to start working on your wishlist. If you don't have anything on your wishlist, we can simply spend that time to work on things like image optimization and page meta data to get the full value out of your Element Site.

Social Stream Instagram Support 

We've added support for Instagram to the new Social Stream Widget. If your Instagram Page is associated with your Facebook Page it will pull in Instagram posts along with your Facebook page posts. All you have to do is log in with your Facebook account that has administrator access to your Facebook and Instagram pages.

Modal Widget: Opens any form in a modal allowing your customer to continue exploring the page they are on.

Improved Site Speed with New Storage Provider: We have been migrating Image Libraries to Microsoft Azure to free up memory on your Element Site. This will speed up performance for your customers and for your backend users.

Locations Sync Improvements: Now the name is not dictated by the sync but can be set manually. This comes in handy if you have variations in your Used Equipment Feed location names or if you have locations that have a unique name that is not represented in your Used Equipment provider.

Bug Fixes on Element for Dealers

Employee Widget Bug: There was a bug spotted by our QA team where images were not showing up on Team Pages. Our development team made short work of it and got the fix into production overnight so that you wouldn't miss any contact opportunities.

Bugs are becoming less and less frequent. Here is the full list of resolved bugs for 2020.

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