Element: November 2020 Release Notes

Written by Shaun Hartman on Monday, November 30, 2020





A More Predictive Search now with AI Assistance: Search results are improving. Our new AI integration breaks down the possibilities like this...

Say someone is looking for a new "2021 John Deere XUV590M'" but they don't know exactly what to type or they have made mistakes in their typing, the index analyzer breaks this into an array of possibilities ["20", "21", "2021", "John", "Deere", "XUV", "590", "590M" ]. With every character typed, the scoring profile is being updated to return the most logical result based on the information that has been entered. It is hard to imagine going through the process of taking each fragment in comparison to every machine (New and Used) as each character is entered into the input taking into account the most frequent search queries as well. That is the beauty of this technology. It becomes like an intelligent assistant who understands what the customer meant to type. And, it all happens in an instant. Look out for this feature in the first week of December.




Now, check out this method using our new Profile Builder.👇







Ask a few questions to determine a customer's needs. ☝️






Make an informed suggestion based on the customer's responses. ☝️







Show them the Virtual Quote with suggested attachments pre-selected. ☝️

Common profiles will start to appear and you can use this data for website personalization profiles. The Element Team is prioritizing this as a focus in 2021...

Integration: It's time to examine the forward-thinking nature of your business. Does your business create the future or cling to the past?

The tools we've created can be extremely helpful given that your newest potential customer may not know everything about a machine and its associated attachments. This creates a different form of thoughtful customer engagement that puts emphasis on customer education, a service which can work to position your brand as a thought leader and a trusted source of knowledge.

Your website encompasses how your offerings are delivered to customers. If you have customers who are new to farming or keeping up with their land, the dealership should place more emphasis on the education component. You could be training your customers on how to purchase complicated machinery. We would love to talk strategy! Book Time with Me and let's make a plan for future-proofing your business.






eCommerce: In 2020 eCommerce fully arrived. You simply have to get on board. We have a solution for you that we have been working to perfect all year. Get it integrated to capitalize on digital sales in 2021. Don't let the big box stores steal your online sales and don't lose out on parts sales due to a horrible user experience. Check your calendar and Book Time with Me to discuss how eCommerce can be integrated into your Element site.






Custom Filters for Used Equipment: Coming in the next few weeks! You will be able to add filters that can sort by any field in your Used Equipment data. Reach out to [email protected] for training on how to implement these new filters.




A New Level of Support: Every Element client has the opportunity to use 1 hour of free support each month that can be rolled over throughout the year when hours have not been used.

There is also the Full Website Management Package that includes a weekly strategy meeting and unlimited work hours including page building, personalization, and any update that you require to execute the strategy discussed.

Now, we are introducing a middle ground where you can take part in a monthly strategy meeting and receive up to 6 hours of work from the incomparable Element Team. If this sounds like the perfect fit for you, reach out to [email protected] for pricing.