Element: May 2021 Release Notes

Written by Shaun Hartman on Friday, May 21, 2021


Compare Search: .We recently made a huge improvement to our compare feature. Now we have taken it even further to make it incredibly easy for your customers to do their research right on your site. Similar to our predictive search, a customer can just type in a machine that they would like to compare and it will drop right into the table for a seamless experience.
Build Your Own Manager: .Now you can update pricing, titles, and descriptions all in one place for Build Your Own tool. This makes mass updates extremely easy to accomplish saving even more of your precious time. Just reach out Element Support and we will be happy to help you get this set up for quick updates. [email protected]
Spacing for Layout Widgets: .We've added some convenient utility classes to our layout widgets that makes perfect spacing automatic. The best thing about it, for you power users, is that you can still update these utility classes to customize spacing whenever you see the need to do so.
Page Speed: In August, page speed will be fully integrated into the algorithm for page ranking in Google Search. For our managed clients, we are optimizing images and auditing Google Tag Manager. What? Could a Google Tool really negatively affect my page speed? Well, GTM is a tool that allows for many kinds of site tracking. While it does use best practices to implement this additional JavaScript code. It still allows you to place as much of that code as you want. This additional code can slow the site down by forcing the browser to analyze all of it. If there is something that can be removed. It is a good idea to remove it. We are happy to help! [email protected] ...
How high can we expect the score to be?: Amazon.com is one of the most heavily developed and highly financed web platforms in the world. There score is good! But this is about as good as it gets for a marketing website with a good deal of 3rd party tracking code. That being said, we are still looking for every possible way to improve upon the performance of our sites. We have until August for these scores to take effect in Google rankings. You can count on steady improvements from us in every release.
Used Equipment Images: The release that came out recently with many of these improvements from our work in May made it through with a bug that made used equipment images to remain the same as filters were applied. Luckily we were able to get a fix out for this within hours of discovery.That's all! Just one bug to fix this month!

If you experience any issues at all please reach out to [email protected]