Element: May 2020 Release Notes

Written by Shaun Hartman on Sunday, May 31, 2020



New Equipment Showroom is Ready for Beta Testing!: Are you an early adapter? Ready to try the brand new, blazing-fast showroom? We're looking for a test candidate to be the first to use our New Showroom on your live site. If you want to be the first, please reach out to [email protected] to get you set up.





Our Build Your Own John Deere integration will be available for Beta in June! - Currently undergoing extensive internal testing, this wonderful new tool will be ready for your site in late June. If you have any questions or would like to talk about how to get this on your site, please reach out to [email protected].




Form rules for Custom Location field: What if your locations were automatically there and all you had to do was drag it onto the form? Now, you can also use form rules to direct notifications by that location selection.







Add multiple After Hours Phone Numbers in Location Manager: We updated our Location Manager tool to allow you to add multiple after-hours numbers to any of your locations.





Custom phrases for Search Hints: Give a hint. Give a suggestion. Direct traffic with custom search hints.




Sort Used Equipment without images to last in the Used Equipment Feed: People want to see what the equipment looks like. One of our clients made a great suggestion to move the equipment without images to the back of the list. We listened. We did it.




Used Equipment Health Monitor: Will eliminate the need for YOU to have to alert us that your sync is not working; this will be a UI that will automatically alert the HelpDesk at Element.





Make Image and Title Text clickable in Standard Card: People are clicking on the image and the title. We saw that and added links to those attributes.





Social Sharing for Blogs: Our innovative Single Page Application for blogs was a bit ahead of its time for social sharing. We had to innovate further to allow for proper communication concerning Open Graph metadata. We took it another step further to allow for customizing the Title, Description, and Image of what is being shared.






Lead Tracking Forms in modals: Previously, only built-in forms could go in our Call to Action form modals. Now, you can drop embeds for Nurture by Team SI and other 3rd party forms right in the modal and easily track those leads.





Featured Used Equipment: We've added the ability to select Featured Used Equipment empowering you to move what needs to be moved.





Display Videos for Used Equipment: Do you take videos of your used equipment? You should. And now you can display them on your site!





Dealer Promotions BOLTED to New Equipment: Now your customers can see Dealer Promotions on new equipment!